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"At last lighting me into a faire Parlor, I followed where was a good fire and an antient Gentleman, in an odde Jewish habit Sir (said I) by your strange outside I know not what language you speake Sonne

(said he) y'are wellcome: I have travelled farre, and speake many languages, yet am as you are, an Englishman (you may heare by my tongue). I had a roaming head when I was as you are now, yong .... but age bid me hye home to mine owne Country, whose smoake to me was more sweet then all the perfum'd fires by which I warm'd myself abroad.... Here I live as obscure as I can.... yet they take me for a rare fellow, a Conjurer, a Cunning-man, a Sooth-sayer, a Figur-caster, a Starre-catcher, a Fortune-teller. This night you shall lodge here, to-morrow morning my Clients will come in tumbling; not that I can doe them any good (for alas I have no such skiü), yet talke with them I doe....

"The next morning I found my old-new father sitting in his chaize, as soberly as Erra Pater 1: his beard was reverend, face comely; a Jewish gowne girt to him, and a Jewish round cap on his head. His courtesie over night made me bold with'him so that I prayd him to let me know why, being an Englishman, he was call'd the Wandring Jew, and a teller of Fortunes. Your questions (quoth hee) shall come home to you answered:

"I have been a Traveller many yeares, and feit the heate of the Sunne in change of Countries. At my living in Venice, I came acquainted with an Italian Jew

1 An almanac of the period entitled "The Prognostication of Erra Pater, a Jew bom in Jewry". The astrologer's name is, possibly, a corruption of Ezra.