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Gedions, Tebiths, Benhadads, Benrodans, Zedechiaes, Halies" there is a truly terrible picture of Doctor Zacherie in Rome. Equally horrible in intention, but painted with a sad Iack of power, are Dr. Abraham and Dr. Hamon.

Selimus, lines 1710 seq.

Enter Abraham the Jew. Selimus: Jew thou art welcome unto Selimus;

I have a piece of service for you, sir, But, on your life, be secret in the deed. Get a strong poison, whose envenom'd taste May take away the life of Bajazet, Before he pass forth from Byzantium. Abra. : I warrant you, my gracious sovereign,

He shall be quickly sent unto his grave; For I have potions of so strong a force, That whosoever touches them shall die.

[Speaks aside] (And would your Grace would once but

[taste of them, I could as willingly afford them you, As to your aged father Bajazet). My Lord, I am resolv'd to do the deed.

[Exit Abraham]. Abraham re-enters in the next scène, together with Baiazeth and Aga in müurning cloaks. The two old men suspect that they are to die by poison. Abraham has the cup ready. When Baiazeth declares: "Ah Aga, I have cursed my stomach dry", our Abraham presents the cooling draught: