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Abra. : I have a drink, my lords, of noble worth,

Which soon will calm your stormy passions, And glad your heart, if so you please to taste it.

Baiaz. : An who art thou that thus dost pity us?

Abra. : Your highness' humble servant Abraham.

Baiaz. : Abraham, sit down and drink to Bajazet.

Abra. : [Aside] Faith I am old as welll as Bajazet,

And have not many months to live on earth; I care not much to end my life with him. Here's to you, lordings, with a full carouse!

[He drinks],

Baiaz. : Here, Aga, woeful Bajazet drinks to thee: Abraham, hold the cup to him while he drinks. Abra. : Now know, old lords, that you have drank

[your last;

This was a potion which I did prepare To poison you, by Selimus' instigation, And now it is dispersed through my bones; And glad I am that such companions Shall go with me down to Proserpina. [He dies] Baiaz. : Ah wicked Jew! [dies].

A pendant of this is Hamon in Act. V. Sc. V of The Raging Turk:

Selimus: Here's one shall send him quick to Heil.

Hamon draw neere, most welcome my dear


What guesse of your patiënt Bajazet;

Is he all healthful? Hamon: No my gracious prince. Selim I Then should I think him happier in his death,

Then in so hateful life and so weak breath.