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§ 30.


prescriptions de la „law of nations" et les cours des prises, d'autre part, sont obligées de se conformer aux prescriptions royales [voir § 66], la cour d'appel s'exprime somme suit [zamora (332)] :

„The next question which arises for décision is whether the order appealed from can be justified under any power inherent in the Court as to the sale or realisation of property in its custody pending décision of the question to whom such property belongs. It cannot, in their Lordships' opinion, be held that the Court has any such inherent power as laid down by the President in this case. The primary duty of the Prize Court — as indeed of all Courts having the custody of property, the subject of ütigation — is to preserve the res for delivery to the persons who ultimately establish their title. The inherent power of the Court as to sale or realisation is confined to cases where this cannot be done, either because the res is perishable in its nature or because there is some other circumstance which renders itspreservationimpossibleor difficult. In such cases it is in the interest of all parties to the Ütigation that it should be sold or realised, and the Court will not allow the interests of the real owner to be prejudiced by any perverse opposition on the part of a rival claimant. — Such a limited power would not justify the Court in directing a sale of the res merely because it thought fit so to do, or merely because one of the parties desired the sale or claimed a right to become the purchaser.

It remains to consider the third, and perhaps the most difficult question which arises on this appeal—the question whether the Crown has, independently of Order XXIX, rule 1, any and what right to requisition vessels or goods in the custody of the Prize Court pending the décision of the Court as to their condemnation or release [Voir sur cette question § 756]."

C'est aussi a la lumière de cette sentence qu'il faut regarder les décisions d'autres cours anglaises de première instance, comme celle de la „Prize Court of British Columbia", Oregon, n°. 1 (377):

„The Prize Court has jurisdiction, both statutory and inherent, to take all "necessary steps to preserve property in its custody, and therefore an order will be made that the cargo of a seized ship shall be unladen, inventoried, and warehoused to protect it from damage by damp and heat. This jurisdiction begins from the moment of seizure and may be exercised before the issue of a writ." (résumé)

e) Commerce aVec 1'ennemi. 81. La question du commerce interdit avec 1'ennemi (trading with the enemy) occupe une place importante parmi les questions soulevées devant les cours des prises anglaises.

Quant a l'application de la doctrine en elle-même, voir § 570 et ss. En ce qui touche la question de la compêtence des cours des prises pour statuer sur cette matière, il ressort de la jurisprudence que, d'après la conception anglaise, 1'interdiction de commerce avec