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récente résulte des jugements du „Naval Prize Tribunal" institué Preasément, en 1918, pour décider dans laquelle des deux catégories de „pnze droits" les produits des prises confisquées doiven? rentrer ). Cette distinction était devenue nécessaire par suite de 1' Order m Councü» du 15 aoüt 1918, promulgué en vertu du nouveau „Naval Pnze Act, 1918", qui ensemble réglèrent la pratique de la concession de „prize money" sur unpied nouveau. Voir sur 1'histoire et 1 etat actuel de cette pratique le jugement du „Naval Prize Tnbunal dans 1'affaire des Abonema, Hillerod, Florida, Albania and other vessels, Adjutant and other vessels (1049) • • "Py Prize Act' 1018 (8 & 9 Geo. 30, s. 1), If bis Maiestv

? Plerd by ^amation or Order in Councü o signi^y hls^intSSS to make a grant of prize money out of the proceeds ofprrzTcaSuSdS the present war, the sums which have been or may be receiveSn Speet

o tÏÏZiï ,§<00dS durinS the P^ent war spetifiedTnS

of the schedole are to be paid to a fnnd to be caüed the Navd Prize Fund which fund ls to provide for the payment of prize monTv tfthe members of hls Maj esty's Naval and Marine Fc^^^ïï whether any sum is payable into or out of that fund s to be drtSned by this Tribunal which has been constituted for the purpose HisMaWv was pleased to make Proclamation accordingly onTugS'15 3 f beteer iHS" ? ^ ^ impcrtJSe.^iSlUe ofiZZt^t 7 n C™ien% ^bmitted in the form

slheïe iw il "tl, k • ■ThC ^ P^^ of parti of the

scnedule directs that there shaü be paid into the Naval Prize Fund •

iuf>y^elZï°mi ^^PeCt °f ^ shiP or ^ coudeLed by h . Whether m the United Kingdom or elsewhere beine

Sves n VÏT /S ^ WÜIiam Scott Verwards SSst^£ to thJr. Mana Franfoise : „AU rights of prize belong originaüv

to the Crown, and the beneficial interest derived to others can pf oceed

of those rights were assigned to maintain the dignity of the LordSh Adrnual, hence arose the distinction between droits 0f theCrownaM droits of Acimnalty. At the outbreak of war it was the Practk^f toe Crown to grant its interest in any prize taken to the captors^%tZ


a la juridiction des prises: vdir § 35 c«sne, ujj est réservée

«rUS" ,ï Ce"e P""*""*"»» '« preduee ot all «ch prises

2fM£ SJfSJS ^ £

Verzfll, Droit des priaes.