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§ 155.

extena to a distance of four mües hut in that claim, and without riZrSin °aS6 they do not Pr&*

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and costs, because tta wïmade ^ damageS

nne constatation au suiet de lÏÏ^f% *ree miles- ■• • ESuit described with a wSSe rad L?! +ï > Captm"eJ ' ' • ■ (A circle of islands called SSSÏÏi ïJïSï .S* ^ ^ a cal them islands, for rïïsons wUh % PleCeS °f Iand ~ 1 do not Sneisholmen and aPPCar m a moment ~ caUed

in length. At high tide tSVre febSt £ f50™ 3°° 0r 400 metr<* narrow passage* watertiw^SS 15 t0 Say' 01616 is a very

that passage is dry thenlwi? 016 maimand- At lów water land. - The quXiS iTfromiTf t0 SCparate 1 rom maineoast to be recWd ^ ^ are the three mües from the

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territory of the co^ and theThTpt ? * ** ^ Part <>f the

taken from that ££. TW^Sï^ of, emtorial must be

cah it so and that was tW *? ^maller contention - if I may

is large enough to be pÏÏfSttTSStfl S ^ f0™^ 1-W. over for deeSion when it becomS Zt^ ?\agaU1'1 prefer to leave see my way to s^ ZttlTrïeols o7^7 ï f"*' * ^ 1 Cami0t from the mdnland Sl^ZiS^J^^^ HOt disconnected part of the mainland. If that be soXn^ri 1 m any Way' are not Crown, this capture or nart of ti? ^ ^ P061*1^ given by the took place within Sree mü« of fte Norw^ °f &t ^ 'ate'

l ought to add this,... that it is J™^ffr ^! h,P and carS° ~ ï\ c«s« «ie the coas, „, ^"Sj^J-i»^ «

Application du principe. , "^emT2r>PPl'Ca!i0n dU ***** reconnu qui

Voir notamment, en ce qui concerne les règlements nationaux :