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S 186.

guerre par fonds de cinq mètres dans la baye d'Ayas (base navale de Beyrouth), et capturée le 9 mars 1919.


Remorqueurs a vapeur, canots automobiles et allèges allemands employés exclusivement dans le port de Port Saïd et saisis la comme pnses mantimes.

Floating craft of the Deutsches Kohlendej>6t, Port-Saïd (439).

regrïïreTat^f^t^- ? P°rt Saïd' is a German comp^y registered at Hamburg, and their business was supplying coal to ships

passing through Port Said. They also had a contiK^tt^Se BöS nffi %\t0 SUPply th6m With U^ters and tugs for the purposeof enabhng that company also to supply coal to ships ... The firsfqStion

SiïS^JÏÏ" ^Wf^ ™ tlSe ^ters to bedeed ConvÏÏSonT Tht% re-?ey TTCi?nt ShipS Within the Sbcth Hague i8c?7 S kir ,The1d?mitlon of a ^ip in the Merchant Shipping Act, nSt * ü 5 P C»deS CVery descriPtion of vessel used in naviLtion not propelled by oars." _ I do not know whether these particularSeri go out to sea or not but they are similar to the lightere which arfused for the purpose of loading and unloading ships in open po^rts whem S some cases they have to go aconsiderablf distance out toseaTandtïesï SS SaS ^ maa.retH0nStan!? be^.na^ated about the port J ïhT S V '" ^ th_6n' 15 the meaninS of the word „ship" ? It is £h w 1 aT T561 ^ substaD-tiaUy goes to sea is a ship. - These hghterscertainly do not go to sea by their own propulsion, butWerslrf

tugs for the purpose of supplymg ships engaged in international commer-

o ex i a W rT dTedSi^nS Ct définitions anglaises,empruntées. P' ex\a*a"TemtonalwatersJunsdiction Act, 1878 (41 & 42 Vict c !»H

ine 'of tlTlïT ^d6finiti0nJS • • • Sive a Seneral id*a °f the mü" mg of the word „ship accepted by various tribunals; and I am of opinion that I cannot hold otherwise than that a lighter comes underVe a accepted definition of a ship. - The next qnesCteTÏÏSSÏ onW y'V^rchant sb P* (within the meaning of the Hague Convention; t [Voir a ce sujet § 354].

Dans le même sens la décision d'appel Floating Craft (1047) et le jugement relatif aux Anichab, »°. 1, and other vessels and craft (Ii86«) : allèges en bois et en fer, de 7 a 75 tonneaux, d'autres corps, llottants de 18 tonneaux et quelques autres objets, y compris desbouees et des défenses.

&fcl)ï?e ^^tUgS andHghterS m ^ case of ^ '■Deutsches, Kohiert-Depót ), which were engaged in coaling ships in the Suez Canal were larger than these; but these are of a fair size. Some of them no doubt, are small, those that are only seven tons, but they am not