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§ 212.


flag to which she is not really entitled. she may, in some <^un«es beheldXünd by the nationahty whkh she has thns assumed without w^ant If a ship lawfully flies a national flag, she may m some cases b3 by a figure of speech, to derive from her flagthesystem of mumcrïïTa^ by which her ïontracts or her civü habilrties aregoverned In me fS case she cannot deny, as against captors, the national character whkrshetas irregularly taken [comp. § 201] ; in the second, she denves fromthe^ flrthesy7temoflegalrigh^

SïtS^positiol whSe, in a question with captors it becomes necessïrto co^ider whether the ship although in contemplation of techmcal rmimcipmltw^ neutrals

rnTof a neutral flag, is, in the view of the law ^^^^^ï. character and liable to be treated m accordance with that character....

Pour les motifs cités ci-dessus, le vapeur fut déclaré debonne pnse, tant en première instance qu'en appel. j ..

Dans 1'affaire du vapeur Edna (1096), la Cour de Londres avait affaire a un navire originairement norvégien, mais vendu avant la guerre, a une compagnie mexicaine, consistant en une seule personne de nationahté allemande. Mais la cour n'a pas approfondi la question du caractère national de ce navire, pour le motif qu ü avait été vendu après le début des hostüités, a une compagnie amencame, et que cette vente devait être considérée comme valable [comp. § 230] •

Kara Deniz (1398): „Thecaseis a claim in prizefor the condemnation of me^ara^S^

Ïhe) Tcree of condemnation was pronounced upon the ground that he (ine) aecree o capture andcontmuously thereafter. a

intention nor taken any steps, which had the effect of divestmg him^oi thaTc^mmercial domicil and adopting some other [ccmp. a cesujet § 288 3)] lïïne dSion that he had not done so, and had theref ore retamed his Tiukish commercial domicU, was correct, it is not contended before

a Skïh^ubjS ?e traded as a manV of shipping ; and in^co-owuerslSÏwithTmks ^^^^ST^SZZS*

S the pilgtim trafffc to Mecca. This business he carried on up to the