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§ 290.

I have come to the conclusion that this idea is erroneons and ihÜ

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or RrS -f . he outbreak war a non-enemy, be he neutral merdv tiXil^l Z ^^ent, Pro™Ptly doses nis' business and ene™ Ït t necessary to remove his own property from the enemy country I think he is entitled to do so. He givefnoa£To the

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Bul^aatoallv thrr^ ^^t illidt trading with the enemy. mant a^ïti J? 7 ^ °f Pr°°f mUSt rest on the shouldets of the daimant, and untd he discharges that burden his goods will be in jeopardy "

Par ces motifs, la Cour d'Alexandrie accorda aux réclamants un