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§ 312.


Another point of distinction made by Mr. B. was that the goods were not consigned to an enemy's country, bnt to London. That is immaterial. AU I have to determine is : Were they the goods of an enemy i .. . .


Voir ci-après, sous (4). . (3) b. Les marchandises ennemies sont saisissables a bord dun navire battant pavülon d'un Etat allié.


Voir le cas de saisie de marchandises ennemies, en provenance du vapeur beige (alüé) Eburoon, jugé dans la décision Athena, Anatolia, Bogados etc., n°. 2 (1033), sous II.

Vob aussi § 24 des Instructions navales de 1916, cite sous (2).


Gothland (312) : „There is no authority for the argument that.to*sbxp of an ally can be treated as neutral. The question has been raised in the comse blthis war as to the position of goods laden on ships be ongtng £3. country. I decided verf early that if they were 8^**"W£ to enemy merchants they were nevertheless confiscable. The point was decided by this Court in several cases, and ultimately came before the pSyt ouLü on appeal in the case of the Woolston (aoQ. The dec^mn of the Privy CouncÜ was that the goods were not protected If the goods

0 Z enZl merchant laden on a British ship are subj ^

1 say that none the less are the goods of an enemy merchant laden upon an allied ship liable to such condemnation."

Vob aussi les jugements de la Cour de Londres concernant les cargaisons saisies a bord des Kwango (53), voüier beige, Eugène Schneider (50), barque francaise, Baltzer (5«) et Wtndsor Park (4i«), navbes russes, et Hirano Mam (57«), vapeur japonais ; et le jugement de la Cour des prises du Cap relatif aux marchandises débarquées du vapeur russe Rubonia (81).

Turkish moneys taken at Mudros (378), monnaies et bülets de banque turcs, saisis par un batiment de guerre britannique a bord

d'un vapeur francais : „ Messrs H and E. C. were on board the French steamer Lotus. They werefoundin'possession of the coins or_moneys^^^^^ were Tvoir aussi 5 104] • • The place of sewnre is important. The goods were aZtTaFrench^ steame^ which for aü purposes of law isaBntish steamer the French being om Alües. Consequently enemy goods afloat onToard an Alhed ship have been seized, and as enemy goods are subject to condemnation."