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§ 358.

des faits au § 356], sans que cependant la Cour ait dü y répondre expressément.

Belgia (123) ! „I have grave doubt whether this was a vessel which was intended to be protected by (the) convention under the chcurnstances

m which she was placed at the time of her capture In my opinion

this vessel was not for the purpose of commerce at all, entering this port mtending to enter this port. I do not believe the story óf the captain of the Belgia that he intended to supply hirnself with coal. That was his excuse for coming there (le navire avait a bord plus de charbons qu'ü n en avait besoin pour gagner Hambourg]. He wanted to get into a place where he might be free from possible capture by French cruisers [la guerre franco-allemande avait déja éclaté], and to get instructions from his Government. — However that may be, I am clearly of opinion that this vessel had not entered, and was not entering, this port at the tune of the capture within the meaning of article 1."

La cour de première instance n'a tranché la question que dans la procédure relative au vapeur allemand Prinz Adalbert (306). Ce navire s'était rapproché de la Manche le 3 aoüt 1914, c.a.d. antérieurement a la guerre ahglo-aUemande, mais postérieurement a la déclaration de guerre de 1'AUemagne a la France; après avoir passé les iles Scüly, le capitaine apprit par télégraphie sans fü que la guerre francoallemande avait éclaté et ü entra dans le port de Falmouth, neutre encore a cette époque, mais oü le navne fut saisi le 5 aoüt 1914.

„The question arises, therefore, whether this vessel was in Falmouth in cncumstances contemplated by Convention VI, and in circumstances the existence of which would give her the privüege of the provisions of articles 1 and 2 of the Convention .... (Having learned that war was in existence between France and Germany, the master) decided to proceed to a neutral port. In one case he said he decided to do that for orders and m another case he said he did it so that his ship might put into a

port of refuge I find that he went into port to avoid the risk of

capture by a French cruiser I have looked at the Hague Convention

No. VI, m order to see what the object of it was. I made some observations with regard to this matter in the case of the Belgia (123) . The preamble shews what was the object of the Convention The materiai words are as foüows.... etc. —

That was done, as every one knows, in the interest of commerce This vessel was not in the port of Falmouth pursuant to any commercial undertaking at all,... . but using the port for purposes which were not contemplated when the signatories agreed upon the provisions of the Hague Convention."

Pour ces motifs, la cour de première instance a confisqué le navire, de même qu'un autre navire, Kronprinzessin Cecilie. Cependant, la cour d'appel a réformé ces décisions et y a substitué le

Verzfll, Droit dos prises. ■ m