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novel cuttings for purposes of regular translation. The example of the classical masters shows conclusively that it is not necessary to descend to this level in order to satisfy the requirements of the examination. And it is certain that the translation of such titbits has nothing to do with a humanistic education.

In the selection of the pieces offered here it has been attempted to illustrate the most important political events of the period, and to give some idea of the social life of the times. I venture to think that the study of the book will have a beneficent influence on the thoroughness of the literary reading, especially with respect to the novel of the nineteenth century. If the selection is representative of the best historical literature of the present time, it is entirely due to the cooperation of Professor Geyl. Indeed, without his collaboration the book would perhaps have remained a plan only, and at any rate would have been far less perfect than it is now. The preface is signed by myself alone, at the request of Professor Geyl, who disclaims the experience of a schoolmaster. It enables me to thank him for making this book what it is, and for contributing a historian's share in the attempt to raise the Standard of teaching in our schools.

The second part will appear in the spring of 1925.