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nonsensical, beyond all belief but to those who heard them, rambling from one subject to another, repeating the same thing over and over again, and altogether such a mass of confusion, thrash *), and imbecility as made one blush and laugh at the same time.

The other day he gave a dinner to one of the regiments at Windsor and as usual he made a parcel of foolish speeches, in one of which, after descanting upon2) their exploits in Spain against the French8), he went on: "Talking of France, I must say that whether at peace or at war with that country, I shall always consider her as our natural enemy, and whoever may be her king or ruler, I shall keep a watchful eye for the purpose of repressing her ambitious encroachments *)." If he was not such an ass that nobody does anything but laugh at what he says, this would be very important. Such as he is, it is nothing. "What can you expect" (as I forget who said) "from a man with a head like a pine apple." His head is just of that shape.

It is difficult to imagine anything more irksome 5) for a Government beset with difficulties like this than to have to discuss the various details of their measures with a silly bustling old fellow who cannot possibly comprehend the scope and bearing of anything.

t. thrash: used by mistake for trash 'rubbish, nonsensical talk.'

2. to descant upon: to talk fully (especially in praise).

3. i.e. the regiment's exploits during the Napoleonic period in the war in Spain (the Peninsular War).

4. encroachment: usurping another's territory or rights.

5. irksome: tedious, tiresome.