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trumpets, bassoons *) and drums, marshalled four abreast, and earning their money, if ever men did, especially the drumbeaters, who were very muscular. There were bodies of constables with blue staves, twenty committee men with blue scarfs, and a mob of voters with blue cockades. There were electors on horseback, and electors afoot. There was an open carriage and four, for the Honourable Samuel Slumkey; and there were four carriages and pair2), for his friends and supporters; and the flags were rustling, and the band was playing, and the constables were swearing, and the twenty •committee men were squabbling, and the mob were shouting, and the horses were backing, and the post-boys perspiring; and everybody and everything, then and there assembled, was for the special use, behoof, honour, and renown of the Honourable Samuel Slumkey, of Slumkey Hall, one of the candidates for the representation of the Borough of Eatanswill, in the Commons House of Parliament of the United Kingdom.

Loud and long were the cheers, and mighty was the rustling of one of the blue flags, with "Liberty of the Press" inscribed thereon, when the sandy *) head of Mr. Pott was discerned in one the windows by the mob beneath; and tremendous was the enthusiasm when the Honourable Samuel Slumkey himself, in top-boots and a blue neckerchief, advanced and seized the hand of the said Pott, and melodramatically testified by gestures to the crowd his ineffaceable obligations to The Eatanswill Gazette.

"Is everything ready?" said the Honourable Samuel Slumkey to Mr. Perker.

"Everything, my dear sir," was the little man's reply.

1. bassoons: Dutch fagot.

2. a carriage and pair: a carriage and two horses.

3. sandy: yellowish-red.