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with the utmost confidence, that he was the man who would eventually be returned.

There was a show of hands; the Mayor decided in favour of the Honourable Samuel Slumkey, of Slumkey Hall. Horatio Fizkin, Esquire, of Fizkin Lodge, demandedapoll1), and a poll was fixed accordingly. Then a vote of thanks was moved to the Mayor for his able conduct in the chair8); and the Mayor, devoutly wishing that he had had achair to display his able conduct in (for he had been standing during the whole proceedings), returned thanks. The processions re-formed, the carriages rolled slowly through the crowd, and its members screeched and shouted after them as their feelings or caprice dictated.

During the whole time of the polling the town was in a perpetual fever of excitement. Everything was conducted on the most liberal and delightful scale. Excisable articles3) were remarkably cheap at all the public-houses; and^spring vans paraded the streets for the accommodation of voters who were seized with any temporary dizziness in the head—an epidemie which prevailed among the electors, during the contest, to a most alarming extent, and under the influence of which they might frequently be seen lying on the pavements in a state of utter insensibility. A small body of electors remained unpolled on the very last day. They were calculating and reflecting persons, who had not yet been convinced by the arguments of either party, although' they had had frequent conferences with each. One hour before the close of the poll, Mr. Perker solicited

1. The poll or voting was practically necessary because there was more than one candidate.

2. conduct in the chair: conduct as chairman.

3. excisable articles: see p. 10 note 4. Among the articles meant here the most important is no doubt beer; perhaps also tobacco.