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a fatality, and all was lost. Poor Nemours did his best till he could no langer get to the troops. People here also abuse him for letting Victoire go alone—but he remained. todohisduty; a little more empressement on her arrival here I would have wished. Albert told you all about the Montpensiers' journey. It would do the King irreparable mischief if they went now to Spain; the feeling of anger would all return. Poor people, they are in a sad state of want at present.

I must conclude. Hoping to.hear from you, and to have your opinion. Ever your devoted Niece,

Victoria R.

Buckingham Palace, 4th April 1848.

My Dearest Uncle,—I have to thank you for three most kind letters, of the 18th an 25 th March, and of the lst. Thank God, I am particularly strong and well in every possible respect, which is a blessing in these awful, sad, heart-breaking times. From the first I heard all that passed, and my only thoughts and talk were—Politics, but I never was calmer and quieter or less nervous. Great events make me quiet and calm, and little trifles fidget me and irritate my nerves. But I feel grown old and serious and the future is very dark. God, however, will come to help and protect us, and we must keep up our spirits. Germany makes me so sad; on the other hand Belgium is a real pride and happiness.

We saw your poor father and mother-in-Iaw with the Nemours, Joinville, and Aumale yesterday. Still a dream to see them thus, herel They are well in health, and the young people's conduct most praiseworthy, really the three Princesses are astonishing, and a beautiful lesson to every one. They are so