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much admired and respected for it. My beloved Vic, with her lovelyface, is perfection, and so cheerful. She often comes to see me, and this is a great pleasure to me, if only it was not caused by such misfortunes!

Now good-bye. With fervent prayers for the continuation of your present most flourishing position, ever your devoted Niece,

Victoria R.

St. Cloud1), 23rd August 1855.

My Dearest Uncle,-I do not intend to attempt any description, for I have no time for anything of the sort; besides I have no doubt you will read the papers, and I know good Van de Weyer has written au long to you about it2) all. I will therefore only give in a few words my impressions.

I am delighted, enchanted, amused, and interested, and think I never saw anything more beautiful and gay than Paris-or more splendid than all the Palaces. Our reception is rawfgratifying— for it is enthusiastic and really kind in the highest degree; and Maréchal Magnan*) (whom you know well) says that such a

1. The Queen and Prince left Osborne early on the 18th in their new yacht, Victoria and Albert, for Boulogne, and the visit to France, which lasted nine days, was brilliantly successful. The Queen, in her Journal, recorded with great minuteness the details of this interesting time, and some extracts are printed by Sir Theodore Martin in The Life of the Prince Consort.

2. Van de Weyer: the Belgian Ambassador in London.

3. Maréchal Magnan had repressed an insurrectlon in Lyons in 1849 and aid^d in the coup d'Etat of 1851.