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the Welsh are about to attack, by the assurance that the forces of the constable of Chester will soon come to his aid, and that with these reinforcements they will send the Welsh dragon-flag flying from the field. The knight sadly answers that it must fly from the field before the reinforcements arrivé, "or it will fly over all our dead bodies." Thus feit Lord Canning when he thought of the strong arms that England could send to his assistance. He knew well enough, as well as the wildest alarmist could know, that the rebel flag must be forced to fly from some field before that help came, or it would fly over the dead bodies of those who then represented English authority in India. He had, therefore, no hesitation in appealing to Lord Elginx), the Envoy in charge of the Chinese expedition, to stop the troops that were on their way to China, and lend them to the service in India at such a need. Lord Elgin had the courage and the wisdom to assent to the appeal at once. Fortune, too, was favourable to Canning in more ways than one. The Persian war was of short duration. Sir James Outram2) was soon victorious, and the Persians sued for a peace. The Treaty of Peace was signed at Paris in March 1857, and was arranged so quickly that Outram inflicted a crushing s) defeat on the Persians after the treaty was signed, but before the news of its signature had time to reach the seat of war. Outram, therefore, and his gallant companions, Colonel Jacob and Colonel Havelock, were able to lend their invaluable services to the Governor-General of India. Most important for Lord Canning's purposes was the manner in which the affairs of the Punjaub were managed at this crisis. The Punjaub was under the administration of one

1. Elgin [elgïn].

2. Outram [utram].

3. a crushing defeat: an overwhelming defeat; a defeat that destroys the enemy's power completely.