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The life of St. Jeanne d'Arc (St. Joan d'Arc)

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Jeanne, daughter of Jacques and Isebeau d'Arc, was born in the little village of Domremy in the West of Franee — on the 5th of January 1412.

Her father was aw el 1-tc^do farmer, who had three sons and one other daughter. They all took their share of the work in the field or in the house. Jeanne helped her mother. She learned to spin her wool and to embroider beautiful things to make the little village church more lovely. She loved the church best of all and took pleasure in saying her prayers, kneeling in its dark nave and there was nothing that so delighted her as the music of its bells, chiming angelus at dawn, and noon and nightfall.

She was devout, gentle and helpful and always ready to assist the poor

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bracht klokken, kleppend, 's morgens

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