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sailing in the more open waters it is a pleasant change to motor up some placid canal amid charming rural surroundings. If the wind is suitable one can hoist one's sails, except when going through towns, when such a proceeding is forbidden. By these means one can visit nearly all the chief places in Holland, depending on the depth of one's ship. But it may be stated, that the principal canals of Holland, that is to say thóse which connect Amsterdam with the South, the East, and the North, have a depth of at least eight feet, and some of thèm far more. The only exception being the canalized river Amstel which admits vessels not exceeding about 6 feet draught. On the other hand for the Zuider Zee, and the Friesland canals and meers a yacht should certainly not draw more than 5J feet, and in the latter this even might be found too much in an exceptionally dry summer, as for instance that of 1911. But a yacht of greater draught may proceed beyond Amsterdam by the great North Holland Canal (depth 18 to 19\ feet).

Before leaving the subject of the general advantages of yachting in Holland I will quote a very common case to which these benefits particnlarly apply. For instance one often meets a man well-known in former years for his keenness on yachting. You ask him why he has not been lately afloat. He replies to the effect that he personally has lost none of his enthusiasm, but he can never get his wife and his daughters, as the case may be, to go with him, so he has given up cruising. He will further explain that these relatives like yachting per se, but that they suffer dreadfully from sea-sickness, which takes away all their pleasure. Here is a case where Holland may prove to be a man's salvation from a yachting point of view. For the well-sheltered Dutch waters can be warranted, like certain patent medicines, not to upset the most delicate constitutions. Flushing, the Hook of Holland, or Botterdam may be reached by passenger steamer in a very few hours, and those who join their yachts at those places can have many weeks of enjoyment without any of the hardships of more open waters.

As already indicated yachts drawing up to about 10 feet may