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"Straight out"

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Strong. Please don't! That is just what I need! It is the bended bow that shows its strength, as you know very well.

Hardius. Do we part as friends ?

Strong. Friends? — no. I do not like misusing that word. But I will gladly shake hands with you. (He shakes hands with Hardius.)

Hardius. I have warned you!

Strong. And I have warned you!

Hardius. (Puts his hot on, goes to the entrance; sees Dieuwke, who ad vances, as if she had just come in. He takes his hat off to her, moving to one side.) I beg your pardon. (Off.)

Strong and Dieuwke (stand looking at one another from a short distance).

Strong. (Without going to meet her.) Did you hear anything.

Dieuwke. A little. But that little was a great deal.

Strong. Do you know that the existence of one of us is at stake?

Dieuwke (nods).

Strong. (Softly; threatening.) Against which of us is there the most reason for one to be on one's guard — Against him or me?