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"Straight out"

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Dieuwke. Both; (Looking outside and whispering.) but against him most.

Strong. (With a bitter laugh.) Indeed. So you believe that, too?

Dieuwke. I have never entreated anything of you; but now I implore you to do something for me.

Strong. Granted.

Dieuwke. Let me help you!

Strong. How could you help me?

Dieuwke. Give me the auswer to that yourself. I don't know what there is to do.

Strong. What there is to do in this case is no woman's work.

Dieuwke. No woman's work! — poor old boy! As if sometimes a woman cannot do ten times as much as a man! (Gently.) I mean, of course, a woman who — (checks herself.) — —

Strong. Who what?

D i e uwke. (Choosimg her words carefully.) Who longs to; as I do.

Strong. Let me teil you then that you have already done enough to help me, just by wishing to.