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Binnen, prep. en adv. within* in-doors, [ in, into, inside; well-off: — I = come in! I — een jaar, etc. = within a year; — de kamer = within the room; Hij is — = he is a made man, his f ortune is made, he has made his pile; Het schip is — = the ship is safe in port (has come safe into port); Er is niemand — == there is nobody in (within); Ik kan mij zijn naam niet te — brengen = I cannot remember his name, his name (has) drópt from my mind; Iemand Iets te — brengen = to remind a person of something; Het kwam (schoot) mij te — = it flashed upon my mind, the thought flashed across my mind, I remembered it all at once; Daar valt me te — = that puts me in mind, a thought just enters my mind; Zij sloegen hunne boterhammen naar — = they bolted their bread and butter; Ik ken het huis van — = I know how the inside of the house looks; Ik ken hem van — en van buiten = I know everything about him, I know him like my glove (my trousers* pocket); Van — naar buiten = from the inside to the outside; Het scheelt hem van — = there is something the matter with his inside; Van — staat zijn naam = his name is inside the book (in the book).

Binnen: — doorgaan — to take ashort out, to walk by a short cut; De goederen gaan meest — door = most merchandises go by inland navigation; —bad, o. artificial bath; — bekleed ing, v. interior (inside) planking; — bellen, verb. to ring for; — blijven = to keep (to stay) indoors, to keep one's room; —brengen, bring (to take, to carry) in; to pilot in; —deur, v. inner-door; —dijk, m. inner-dike; —dijks, adv. (lying) on the landside of the dike; —dringen, verb. to enter by force, to break into; to intrude, to force one's way into; to invade; to soak in, to penetrate; to erowd into; —gaan, verb. to enter, to go (to step,to walk) in(to), to enter into(the kingdom of heaven); —gaats, adv. on the road, in the river (channel); —gedeelte, o. inner part; —halen, verb. to get in, to house, to carry (to gather, to take) in, to store in the barn (den oogst), to fetch (to have) in; —handel, m. inland trade; —~ haven, v. inner harbour; —hoek, m. interior angle; —hof, o. inner-court, inneryard; —in = inside; —kamer, v. inn erroom, closet; —kant, m. Inside; —kas (van een horloge) — inner-case; —komen, verb. to enter, to come in, to step in, to enter the harbour: Wees zoo goed — te komen = please to walk in; Laten — komen = to show in; —komst, v. entry, entrance, arrival; —koorts, v. low fever.

Binnenkort, adv. before long, ere long, shortly.

Binnen! —kruipen, verb. to creep in(to); —land, o. interior; — landsch, adj. inland, interior, home-made, home, domestic: — landsch gebruik = home consumption; —landsche handel = home trade; — landsche oorlog = intestine war, ci vil war; —landsche vaart = inland navigation ; —landsch verbruik m home consumption; —landsch verkeer — in¬

land communication; —landsche zaken — home affairs: Minister van —landsche zaken = minister of the interior (for home affairs); secretary of state for the home affairs (Engl.); Ministerie van —landsche zaken = ministry of home affairs; —laten, verb. to Iet in, to show in: Gij moet hem niet —laten = you must not let him in, admit b.m into the house (room, building), you must keep him out, shut birrt out; —loods, m. harbour-(river) pilot; —loodsen, verb. to pilot (a ship) (in)to port; —meid, v. parlour-maid; —muur, m. inner-wall; — pad, o. direct route, short cut; —palmen, verb. to pocket, to appropriate; —perron, o. inward platform; —plaats, v., —plein, o. = —hof; —rijden, verb. to ride (to drive) in; to run into (a station); to cart Into; —roepen, verb. to call in; — rukken, verb. to march into; —schip, o. river-vessel.

Binncns: —huis, adv. in the house, indoors: — en buitenshuis = within and without doors; —kamers,adv. in the room, in private, within one's own four walls; —lands, adv. in the country; —monds, adv. under one's breath, bet ween one's teeth; —muurs, adv. within the walls.

Binnenstad, v. inner-town.

Binnenste, o. en adj. inside; inmost soul, the most secret folds of one's heart; interior (heart, depth) of: — buiten = inside (wrong side) out, the seamy side without.

Binnenstijds, adv. before the set (given, j legal) time.

Binnen: —troosmen, verb. to flow (to stream) in; to crowd (to throng) in (fig.); j —stormen, verb. to rush (to tear) in; —treden, verb. to enter; —tredende, m. i entrant; —vaart, v. inland navigation; —vallen, verb. to put into port, to touch (to call) at a port; to drop in; to invade: j —gevallen schepen, etc. = arrivals; I —vetje, o. a man who improves on ac- j quaintanoe; a windfall; —waarts, adv. 1 inward(s); —water, o. canal; —weg, m. 1 short cut, by-path, cart-track; —werk, 1 o. works, mechanism; —zak, m. inner- j pocket, inside pocket; —zee, v. inland I sea: —zijde, v. innerside, inside; —zeilen, 1 verb. to sail into port; —zool, v. j hmer-sole.

Blnomlum van Newton = binomialtheo- j rem.

Bint, v. bind-beam.

Biograaf, m. bïographer; Biographie, 1 v. biography; Biograpbisch, adj. bio- * graphio(al).

Biologeeren, verb. to biologize; Biologie, v. biology; Biologisch, adj. biologieal; Bioloog, m. biologist.

Bioscoop, m. bioscope, picture-theatre, cinema.

Birkwortel, m. fernle.

Birma, o. Burmah; Blrmaan(sch), m. en adj. Burman, Burmese.

Bis, adv. encore: —nummer — encore song.

Biscaïsch, adj. Biscayan; Biscaje, o.

Biscay; —r, m. Biscayan. Biscuit, v. biscuit; biscuit-ware.