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Engelsch woordenboek

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Cayenne: —peper, v. Cayenne-pepper;

—plant, v. capsicum. Cecilla, v. Ceeilia, Ceeöy, Cis. Cedecren, verb. to cede, to yield. Cedel, v. certificate, (dock-)warrant. Ceder, m. cedar; —boom, m. cedar(-tree);

Cederen, adj. cedar; Cederhout, o. cedar-


Ceel, v. Zie Cedel: Een hecle — = a long

string (line). Ceintuur, v. sash, scarf, belt; —baan, v.

belt-railway, circular railway. Cel, v. cell. Celebes, o. Celebes.

Celibaat, o. celibacy; Celibatair, m. eelibate, celibatarian, nnmarried (single) man, bachelor.

Cellulair, adj. cellular: —e gevangenis = prison on the solitary system, cellular prison; —e opsluiting = solitary confinement.

Celsius, m.: Thermometer van — fc Celsius (centigrade) thermometer ;Twaalf graden — = twelve degrees centigrade.

Cel: —straf, v. separate imprisonment; —systeem = system of solitary confinement, Pensylvania system; —weefsel, o. cellular tissue.

Cement, o. cement; —en, adj. cement; —eeren, verb. to cement.

Censor, m. censor.

Census, m. census.

Censuur, v. censure, censorship.

Cent, m. cent (Amerikaansche eënl<»»9Vló. Ned.): Ik heb geen — = I have not a penny to bless myself with; Het is geen — waard = it is not worth a button (not worth a fig, good for nothing); Dat kunstje is geen. — waard = that trick is as easy as A.B.C. (is mere child's play); Iemand tot den laatsten — betalen = to pay a person to the last farthing; Heb je de —en? = got the cash on you?

Centaurie, v. knap-weed.

Centenaar, m. hundredweight (=112 Eng. ponden).

Centerboor, v. centre-bit.

Centimeter, m. centimetre.

Centraal, adj. central; —spoor, o. Midland railway; —station,o.Central Station; Centrale verwarming : central system of heating: Met centrale verwarming = steam-(hot-water)heated; Electrische centrale, v. electric station, generating station, power station; Centralisatie, v. centralization; Centraliseeren, verb. to cent ral ize.

Centrifugaal, adj. centrifugal: —kracht = centrifugal force; —pomp, v. centrifugal pump; Centrifuge, v. centrifugal machine; Centrisch, adj. centric; Centrum, o. centra: Het — =■ the Centre Party.

Ceremonie, v. ceremony; —meester, m. master of (the) ceremonies; toast-master, steward; Ceremonieel, o. ceremony, ceramonial; adj. ceremonial; Ccremonicus, adj. ceremonious, formal.

Ceroen, v. ceroon (= baal van huiden gemaakt).

Certificaat, o. certificate: Met een — = certificated; Een — verleenen = to certificate; Certilicceren, verb. to ccrtify.

Cessie, v. cession, transfer, abandonment;

Cessionaris, m. transferee. Cevennen, mv. Cevennes. Ceylon, o. Ceylon: Bewoner v. — =

Ceylonese, Cingalese. Chais, v. gig, chaise. Chaldeeuwsch, adj. Chaldaic, Chaldce. Cham, m. Ham: Van — = Hamltic. Champagne, v. champagne (cham-pop =

panje): — in ijs - iced champagne; —

mousseux = sparkling champagne. Champignon, m. mushroom; opstart (=

parvenu); —saus, v. mushroom-catsup


Chaos, m. chaos; Chaotisch, adj. chaotic. Changeant, adj. irridescent, shot-coloured; subst. shot-Blik.

Chantage, v. hlackmail: — plegen = to levy blackmail.

Chaperon, v. chaperon, duenna; Chape-

ronneeren, verb. to chaperon. Chapiter, o. ohapter: ■ Om op ons —

terug té komen = to return to our

subject (muttons). Charade, v. charade. Charivari, o. charivari; watch-trinket,


Charlatan, m. charlatan, quack, mountebank: Hij is een — = he is a humbug. (fig.); —erie, v. charlatanism, quackery.

Charlotta, Charlotte, v. Charlotte.

Charter, o. charter; —en, verb. to charter.

Chauffeur, m. chauffeur, motor-oar driver.

Chaussec, v. high-road, high-way, causeway.

Chef, m. principal; station-master; chef (cook).

Chemicaliën, v. mv. Chemicals; Chemicus, m. (scientifio) chemist; Chemie, v. chemistry; Chemisch, adj. Chemical: —e fabriek, v. chemical works; — laboratorium, o. chemical laboratory.

Cherub(ijn), m. cherub.

Chic, adj. chic, smart., stylish ,dressy; m. chic, elegance: De — = the quality.

Chicane, v. chicane, obicanery; Chicaneeren, verb. to chicane, to find fault with; Chicaneur, m. chioaner.

Cnilfonière, v. chiffonier, chest of drawers.

Chijl, o. chyle.

Chili, o. Chili; Chiliaan(sch) => Chilian.

Chimpansé, m. chimpanzee.

China, o. China, the Celcstial Empire; Chinees, m. Chinaman; Chinecsch, adj. Chinese: De Chineezen = the Chinese.

Chirurg, m. surgeon; Chirurgie, v. surgery; Chirurgisch, adj. surgioal: —e Instrumenten = surgical Instruments.

Chloor, o. chlorlne; —kalk, v. chloride of lime; Chloral, o. chloral; Chloroform, o. chloroform; Cnloroformiseeren, verb. to chloroform, to chloroform ize.

Chocolaadje, o. chocolate-drop; Chocolade, v. chocolate, cocoa: Zoo beider als — = as olear as mud; —kan, v. —i ketel, m. chocolate-pot; —koekje, o. cake of chocolate.

Cholera, v. European cholera, cholera nostras (—inlandsehe —); Asialic cholera, cholera asiatica (Aziatische —); —lijder, cholera patiënt; Cholcrinc, v. cholerine.

Cholerisch, adj. cholerio.

Chrestomathie, v. chrestomathy, selcctlon.