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petroleum, mineral (rock-)oil; —oven, m. brick-kiln; —puist, v. (—zweer, v.) boil; —put, v. stone-pit; —raai, v. wood-crow; —raket, v. worm-seed; —rots, v, rook; —rult,v. spleen-wort, finger-fern;—sehrlft.o. lapidary (unolal) oharaoters; —snijder, m. engraver on stone, lapidary; —tijdperk, o. stone age, palaeolithio period; —uil, v. ohurch-owl; —valk, m. stone-hawk, stonefalcon; —varen, v. stotte-fern; —violier, V. wall-flower; —vlas, 0. mineral (mountain*)flax, asbestos, dmianth; —vorm, m. briok-mould; —vormer, m. brick maker (-moulder); —vos, m. stone-fox; —vrucht, v. stone-fruit; —weg, m. causeway, stoneway; —worp, m. stone's throw; —zaag, v. stone-saw, marble-saw; —zager, m. stone-sawer; —zout, o. mineral-salt, rock-salt; —zwaluw, v. swift.

Steg, m.: Zij reden over heg en — = they rode over bush and brake (hedge and diteh, straight across country); Ik weet hier weg noch — = I don't know my way, I am a total stranger here.

Steiger, m. scaffolding (van een huis); pier, jetty, causeway, landing-place.

Steigeren, verb. to raise (to put up) a scaffolding.

Steigeren, verb. to rear (v. paarden). Steiger: —paal, m. scaffolding-pole; me*

werk, o. scaffolding. Steil, adj. steep, sheer, preeipitous, bluff;

opinionated, dogmatic(al), strait-laced;


Steiloor ig, adj. with erect ears; headstrong (Ha-).

Steilschrift, o. the backward style of handwriting.

Steilte, v. steepness; prccipice. Stek, v. sprout, slip, cutting, suoker; —, o. enolosure.

Stekeblind, adj. stark (stone) blind, batblind.

Stekel, m. prick(le), sting, spine (v. egel); —baars, v. mlnnow, stickie-back, prioklebaok (.kleine); —brem, v. needle-furze; —grondel, m. gudgeon.

Stekelig, adj. prickly; acrimonlous, stinging, caustic, sharp; —held, v. prickliness; acrimony, etc.

Stekel: —rog, v. stinger, stingaree, stingray; —trekker, m. thorn-pincers; —varken, o. poroupine.

Steken, verb. to prick, to sting (met een angel), to stab (m. dólk,) to thrust (m. zwaard, etc.); to out (sods); to smart (v. wonden), to shoot (v. likdoorns), to burn (v. d. zon); to clap in (a straight-waistcoat = dwangbuis); to put, to sink, to embark (money in), eto.: Zij stak het hoold uit het raam = she popped her head ont of the window; Hij bleef in zijne woorden — = he broke down in his speech; Het steekt hem nauw = he is very particular (abont it); Dat steekt hem = it stings him to the heart, it sticks in his throat; Hij stak den ring aan den vinger = he put the ring to his finger; Wij bleven in den modder — = we stuok in the mud; Daar steekt wat achter - there's something on foot (in the wind, in it), more is meant than me ets the ear; there is something behind his words, there's some¬

thing under it; Daar steekt geen kwaad in — there is no harm (danger) in it, there's nothing in it.

Stekend, adj. stinging, cutting; acute, smarting, shooting; scorching.

Stekken, verb. to suoker.

Ste|, o. set (of cups and saucers), pair.

Stel, m. (v. stellen): Het huis is op — = the house is in order; Hij ging op — en sprong heen = he left us then and there (like a shot).

Stelen, verb. to steal, to rob, to thiove, to piek, to pilfer; to win (the heart = het hart): Hij steelt alles wat los en vast is = he steals whatever he can lay his hands upon (like a mag-pie — als een raaf); 's Nachts gaat hij uit — = in the night he goes upon the pad; Menigeen gaat uit om te — en komt bestolen thuis - many go for wool and come back shorn; Wie eene kleinigheid steelt, neemt ook meer = he that will steal an egg will steal an ox; he that will steal a pin will steal a better thing; Een kind om te — = a duok of a child; Je kunt me gestolen worden = go home and eat Coke!

Steler, m. stealer.

Stelkamer, v. ereoting-shop, fitting-shop.

Stelkunde, v. algebra; Stelkunstig, adj. algebraical.

Stellage, v. scaffolding; cask-stand.

Stellen, verb. to place, to order, to put (an engine) together; to suppose; to oompose, to draw np (a letter): Ik kan het buiten u — = I can do without you; Hij kan het goed — = he is well-off (in easy circumstances), he has a competenoe; Hoe zal hij dat —? = how is he going to manage it? — dat... - put the oase; Stel dat het zoo is = snpposing it were so; Ik heb wat te — met dien jongen = that boy gives me a peck of trouble (ls a handful). Zie Gesteld.

Steller, m. (—ster, v.) writer, author.

Stellig, adj. sure and certain (hope), positivo: Hij komt — — he is sure (safe) to oome; Stelligheid, v. positiveness, eto.

Stelling, v. thesis, hypothesis, theorem, position; scaffolding: De — van Amsterdam — the fortress of Amsterdam.

Stelpen, verb. to sta(u)nch; Stelping, v. 8ta(u)nching of blood.

Stelregel, m. maxim, fixed rule.

Stelsel, o. system: Tot een — brengen = to reduce to a system.

Stelselloos, adj. unsystematioal, unmethodical; —heid.v. want of system (method);. Stelselmatig, adj. systematical; —heid, v. systematicalness.

Stelt, v. stilt, wooden leg: Op —en loopen = to walk on stilts; Alles reed op —en mt things were at sixes and sevens; Zij zetten het huis op —en = they set the house by the ears.

Steltlooper, m. stilt-bird.

Stem, v. voice; vote: De — der natuur = the voice of nature; De zanger was uitstekend bij — = the slnger was in

excellent voioe; Zij heeft niet veel — — she has not muoh of a voice; De Heer K. had de meeste —men — Mr. K. was

at the head of the poll; Hoe vele —men