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Sterren: —beeld, o. oonstellation; —beschrijving, v. astrography; —dak, o. starry vault; —dienst, m. worship(ping) of stars; —distel, v. caltrop; —gewelf, o. starry vault of heaven; —hemel, m. starry sky; —kaart, v. star-map, oelestial ohart; —kunde, v. astronomy; —kundig, adj. astronomical; —kundige, m. astronomen —licht, o. starlight: De door—licht verhelderde nachten —- the starlit nights; —regen, m. swarm (shower) of meteors (shooting-stars); —wacht, v. astronomio(al) observatory; —wichelaar, m. astrologer; —wichelarij, v. astrology.

Sterre: —schans, v. star-redoubt; —schot, o. star-jelly (—shoot); —tijd, m. sidcriaï time.

Sterretje, o. little star; asterisk. Sterveling, m. mortal: Geen — = not a living soul.

Sterven, verb. to die, to expire; —, o. death, decease: Op — liggen — to he dying, to be at (on) the point of death, to be at death's door; — aan een ziekte, van honger, van dorst, van schrik, van ouderdom, van verdriet = to die of a disease, of hunger (=to starve), for thirst, with terror, of old age, of a broken heart; lk mag — als het niet waar is — I am a Dutchman if it is not true, I oan swear to the truth of it; Dat is het beste bij leven en — — that is best in life and death.

Stervende, adj. dying, breaking; subst. dying man (woman).

Stervensuur, o. dying-(death-)honr, hour of death, last hour.

Stethoscoop, m. stethoscope.

Steun, m. prop, support, stay, help, stand-by; —balk, m. supporting-beam, joist; —bout, m. stay-boit.

Steunen, verb. to prop, to back up, to bear np, to oountenance, to stay; to rest (on), to be based (founded) on; to lean on, to rely on: Geldelijk — = to finance, to provide money for; Zij steunden de zaak door hunne tegenwoordigheid = they gave oountenance (support) to the cause by their presence.

Steun: —fonds, o. reliëf-fund; —muur, m. retain-wall, breast-wall; —pilaar, m. pillar; stand-by: —pilaren der maatschappij = pillars of society; —punt, o. bearing-surface, point of support, beamcentre, lever-prop.

Stennsel, o. prop, stay, support.

Steur, m. sturgeon, steriet; —garnaal, v. prawn; —kult, v. caviar.

Steven, m. Stephen.

Steven, m. prow, stem (tegenover: stem s= achtersteven): Zij wendden den — huiswaarts = they re turned to the harbour, they directed their course homeward.

Stevenbeeld, o. figure-head.

Stevenen, verb. to set sail (to sail, to steer) for.

Stevig, adj. solid, strong, firm, sound; hearty (eater): Een — uur = rather more than an hour, a stiff hour; Wij stapten — door = we walked on at a round pace; Stevigheid, v. solidity, firmness.

Sticht, o. bishoprick, see of an abbot.

Stichtelijk, adj. edifying: — boek — book

of devotion; Stichtelijkheid, v. edification, edifyingness.

Stichten, yerb. to found, to build, to establish, to start; to stir up, to breed, to cause; to edify: lk ben er niet erg gesticht over = I am not very pleased with (what he has done).

Stichter, m. (—ster, v.) founder.

Stichting, v. founding, foundation; home, almshouse, institution; edification; —sbrief, m. deed (charter) of foundation.

Stiefbroeder (—dochter, —kind), m. stepbrother (—daughter, —child).

Stiefmoeder, y. step-mother; Stiefmoederlijk, adj. grudgingly, niggardly (fig.): Zij werden — bedeeld = they were treated unfalrly; De natuur heeft hem

— bedeeld = nature has not lavished her favours upon him.

Stiefvader (—zoon, —zuster), step-father

(—son, —sister). Stiekum.adj. en adv. on the sly, underhand,

in secret, mum; Hij ging er — van door =

he decamped, he sneaked off; Stiekumerd,

m. sneak.

Stier, m. buil; bullock (jonge —), steer; Taurus (dierenriem); —cngcvccht, o. bullfight; Stierkalf, o. bull-calf.

Stiermarken, o. Styria.

Stift, v. tack, peg, style, pin, pivot; burin (graveer—); charitable foundation (institution), convent ;Stiits: —dame, v.canoness: —heer, m. canon.

Stigma, o. brand, stigma.

Stijf, adj. stiff, hard, strong: Een — brielje, o. a stiff note; Hij is een stijve Klaas

— he is a stick; Een stijve koelte = a stiff breeze; Dat paard is — in den bek — that horse is strong-mouthed;

— van de koude = (be)numb(ed) with the cold, stiff with the oold; Hij hield het — en strak vol = he brazened it out, he persisted in saying it, he asserted it positively; Hij is zoo — als een talhout = he is as stiff as a poker.

Stijlheid, v. stiffness.

Stijfkop, m. en v. obstinate (head-strong) person; Stijfkoppig, adj. obstinate, headstrong; —beid, v. obstinacy.

Stijfsel, o. starch; —achtig, adj. starohy.

Stijfselen, verb. to starch.

Stijfsel: —fabriek, v. starch-faotory; — pap, v. starch-paste; —water, o. starchwatér.

Stijfster, v. clear-starcher. Stijg, v. en o. score.

Stijgbeugel, m. stirrup(-iron): Gij hebt nu den voet in den — = you have got your foot in the stirrup now (ook fig.).

Sujgblok, o. mounting-block.

Stijgen, verb. to ascend, to mount, to rise; to go up, to be mending, to look up, to tend upwards, to be on the advance (v. prijzen): De ballon steeg 1000 meter hoog = the balloon rose to a neight of a thousand metres; Hij steeg tot aanzienlijke ambten = he rose to high offices.

Stijging, v. rise, rising, advance, increase; gradiënt; ascension.

Stijl, m. (door-)post, pillar; style (= schrijfwijze), method, manner: De oude — = Old Style, the Julian Calender.