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Stolf eer der, m. upholsterer, dealer tn furniture; —ij, v. upholstery business.

Stoffeeren, verb. to furnish (houses eto.): Eene schilderij — = to enliven a picture with figures.

Stoffel, m. clumsy, blockhead, ninny, simpleton; Stoffelachtlg, adj. stupid; —héld, v. stupidness, stupidity.

Stoffelijk, adj. material: — overschot = mortal remains, tenement of olay; Stoffelijkheid, v. materiality.

Stoffeioos, adj. Immaterial; —heid, v. immaterialness.

Stoffen, adj.: — laarsjes —- women's shoes

made of lasting. Stoffen, verb. to dust. Stoffen, verb. (= pochen) to boast, to brag. Stoffer, m. dusting-brush, duster. Stoffig, adj. dusty; —heid, v. dustiness. -Stof: —goud, o. gold-dust; —hoop, m.

heap of dust; —jas, v. dust-coat. Stofje, o. speek of dust, dust-mote. Stof: —laken, o. dust(ing)-sheet; —mantel,

m. dust-cloak; —meel, o. mill-dust, flour-


Stofnaam, m. material noun.

Stof: —nest, o. dust-trap; —regen, m. fine drizzling rain; —regenen, verb. to drizzle; —wolk, v. cloud of dust: Hij joeg groote —wolken op - he raised large clouds of dust; —zuiger, m. vacuumoleaner.

Stoïcijn, m. stoic; —sch, adj. stoic(al).

Stok, m. stick, staff; cane (wandel—); counterfoil; stock, perch (van vogels = roost): Op — gaan = to go to roost (ook fig.); Het met iemand aan den — hebben ' to be in hot water with some one; Ik kreeg het met hem aan den — = I had a quarrel with him, we feil (went) together by the ears; Een —je voor steken tp put one's foot down; Van zijn —je vallen = to go off in a swoon.

Stok: —bewaarder, m. jailer; —degen, m. sword-stiok.

Stokdoot, adj. stone deaf. Stokdweil, v. mop.

Stokebrand, m. firebrand, meddling marplot.

Stoken,verb.to fire up, to stoke (an engine), to stir the fire; to dis til (ar dent spirits); to cause trouble, to sow discord: Wij — niet voor IVovember = we never have any fire (in the grate) before November; Wij — in den regel hout = as a rule we burn wood; Ik kon de kachel niet warm — = I could not get the stove warm (in a glow).

Stoker, m. stoker (v. locomotief en machine), fireman; di stil Ier; Ure-brand (fig.).

Stokerij, v. distillery; intriguing (fig.).

Stokken, verb. to keep (bees); to cease to circulate; to break down (in a speech), to flag (v. het gesprek); to tie np: Haar adem stokte = her breath stopped short.

Stokk(cr)ig, adj. woody.

Stokoud, adj. far gone in years.

Stok: —paard, o. hobby (-horse) (Vergel.: to mount, to ride one's hobby, fig.); —roos, v.hoUy-hook,rose-malïow, althéa; —schermen, o. stick-play, fenoing with sticks.

Stokstil, adj. stock-still.

Stok visch, m. stock-fish: Hij kreeg —

zonder boter =s he got a sound drubbing. Stolksch, adj. (of) Stolkwijk (oheese). Stollen, verb. to ooagulate, to oongeal, to

olot; Stolling, v. coagulation, eto. Stolp, v. globe, glass-bell(-shade); —en,

verb. to cover with a glass-bell. Stom, adj. dumb, mute, speechless (with

amazement); stupid, dull-brained; —me

personen = walking gentlemen, super-

numeraries; De —me dieren = the bru-

tes; Het —me dier! = poor bruto! Stomdronken, adj. dead drunk, drunk as

a lord, awfully screwed. Stomheid, v. dumbness, muteness, speech-

lessness; stupidity: Met — geslagen =

struck dumb.

Stommeknecht, m. dumb-waiter.

Stommelen, verb. to make a loud noise (by knocking things over), to olatter (downstairs).

Stommeling, Stommerik, m. en y. blockhead, stupid.

Stommetje, o.: Hij speelt voor — = he

sits mum.

Stommigheid, y. stupidness, stupidity.

Stommiteit, v. blunder, stupidity.

Stomp, adj. blunt; obtuse (angle), edgeless, truncated (cone); stumpy (worn) teeth, flat (nose); blunt-witted, dull (— stom).

Stomp, m. push, cuff, thrust ;stump, stub.

Stompen, verb. to thump, to thrust, to push.

Stompheid, y. bluntness; dullness. Stomphoekig, adj. obtuse-angled, obtusangular.

Stompje, o. stump; fag-end of a candle;

outty-pipe. Stompneus, m. en vr. pug-nosed person. Stompzinnig, adj. blunt, dull, stupid;

—heid, v. bluntness, stupidity. Stond, m. time, period, moment: Van

—en aan = from this (that) time forward,

henceforth; Stonden, v. mv. terms (med.). Stoof, v. foot-warmer, wood(en) stove; peat-

stove (theestoof). Stoof: —pan, y. stewing-pan; —peer, v.

pear fit for stewing.

Stook: —gat, o. stoke(fire-)hole; —kas(t), v. hot-house; —plaats.v. hearth, fire-plaoe, furnace.

Stool, m. stole.

Stoom, m. steam: Met vollen — = at full steam (full power), at full speed; Door

— gedreven = worked (propelled) by steam; — houden = to keep up steam;

— mnlreii = to get (to start) up steam;

— laten vliegen = to blow off steam; Hij zal zijn huis met — verwarmen = he is going to put in steam-heat.

Stoom: —bad, o. steam-bath, vapourbath; —baggermolen, m. steam-dredger; —barkas, y. steam-launch.

Stoomboot, y. steam-boat, steamer; —dienst, m. (steam)boat-service; —maatschappij v. steam-navigation company; —verkeer, o. steamboat traffic

Stoom: —brandspuit, v. steamer, steam f ire-engine;—draaimolen,m. steam roundabout.

Stoomen, verb. to steam; to smoke (= walmen)

Stoom: —fabrlek,y. mill (moved by steam); —fluit, v. steam-whistle; —gemaal, o.