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T, t. T; 't (net), lt, the; t. a. p. = higher np, as quoted; t. w. = to wit, namely, viz. (= ytdeUoet).

Taag, m. Tagus.

Taai, adj. tough, strong, wiry, nine-lived; stringy, leathery (meat); stubborn; vlsoous, tenacious (v.vloeistoffen); ductile (v.metaal): Gij houdt n — = you wear well, you bear yon age well; Hond je — — never say die, keep your peoker np; — zijn == to be of robust frame; to die hard; Taaiheid, v. toughness, hardiness; stringiness; stubbornness; viscosity; ductility.

Taai-taai, o. a kind of gingerbread.

Taak, v. task, tale of work, job: Ik heb mij dit tot — gesteld = I have made it my task, I have set myself this task; Taakgever, m. taskmaster.

Taal, v. language; speech, tongue: — noch

. teeken = sound nor sight, word or sign;

. Hij ls goed ter — = he has a tongue in his head, he has the gift of the gab.

Taai: —armoede, v. poverty of language; —bederver, m. corrupter of a language; —boek, o. grammar; —deel, o. part of speech; —eigen, o. idiom; —font, v. grammatical mistake; —gebruik, o. colloquia! (conversational) usage; —geleerde, m. philologist, linguïst; —hervormer, m. reformer of the language (of speech); — kunde, v. philology; —kundig, adj. grammatical; —kundige, m. en v. philologer, linguïst; —leeraar, m. master (teacher) of languages; —oefening, v. grammatical exercise; —onderwijs, o. instruction in a language; —regel, m. grammatical rule, rule of grammar; —schat, m. vocabulary of a language, thesaurus of words and

. phrases; —verschijnsel, o. phenomenon of a language, —vorscher, m. philologer; —wet, v. law of language, linguistio law; —wetenschap, v. science of language, linguistics, philology; —zuiveraar, m. purist; —zuivering, v. purism.

Taan, v. tan; —bloem, v. (common) tansy.

Taandcri], v. tannery, tan-yard.

Taan: —huis, o. tan-house, tannery; — ketel, m. tan-vat; —kleur, v. tan-colour, tawniness; —kleurig, adj. tawny; —kuip, v. tan-vat.

Taart, v. fancy-cake, tart: Van de — geven = to give it a person, to ring him a fine peal; Hij kreeg van de — = he sustained severe losses; he was severely criticized; he got a sound thrashing.

Taarten: —bakker, m. conf ectioner, pastry cook; —deeg, o. batter, paste; —doos, v. tart-box; —schep, m. tart-server.

Taats, v. peg (of a top); —tol, m. peg-top.

Tabagie, v. Bmoking-room; smoking-den.

Tabak, v. tobacco (Vergel.: mild, medium and full —): Dat is heel andere — = that ls quite another pair of shoes.

Tabaks: —asch, v. tobacco-ash; —blad, o. tobacco-leaf; —doos, v. tobacco-box; — fabriek, v. tobacco-(manu)factory; —

fabrikant, m. tobaoco-manufacturer; — handel, m. tobacco-trade; —handelaar,

m. tobacco-merohant; tobacconist; — kerver, m. tobacco-cutter; —kistje, o. tobacco-box; —kooper, m. tobacco-merchant (-dealer); tobacconist; —land, o. tobacco-f ield; country where much tobacco is grown; —lucht, v. smell of tobacco; —pijp v. tobacco-pipe; —plant(aflc), v. tobacco-plant(ation); —planter, m. tobacco-planter; —pot, m. tabacoo-pot (-jar); —pruim, v. quid, oud; —rol, v. tobacco-roll; —rook, m. tobacco-smoke; —schuur, v. tobacco-shed (-barn); —spinner, m. tobacco-spinner (-dresser); — stank, m. offensive tobacco-smell; — stoppertje, o. tobacco-stopper; —teelt, v. oultivation (growing) of tobacco, tobaooo-growing; —vat, o. tobacco-cask; —veiling, v. sale of tobacco; —verkooper, m. tobacconist; —walm, m. dense tobaccosmoke; —winkel, m. tobacco-shop; —zak, m. tobacco-poueh.

Tabbaard, Tabberd, m. tabard, robe, gown, toga; Iemand op zijn — komen = to dust a person's jacket.

Tabel, v. table, index, Schedule, list: —len maken = to tabulate; Tabellarisch, adj. tabular, tabnlated, in tabular form: —e opgaaf — tabular statement; Tabelleeren, verb. to tabulate.

Tabernakel, m. en o. tabernacle: Het feest der —en = the feast of tabernacles; Ik kwam hem op zijn — = I gave it him; Tabernakelen, verb. — —bonwen: Wij zullen hier geene — bouwen = we are not going to prolong our stay (to make a prolonged stay) here.

Tablet (je), o. tablet, tab, lozenge, square; tabloid (r. geneesmiddel): In —vorm = in tabloid form.

Tabourct, o. tabouret, stool.

Tachtig, num. eighty; —er, m. en v. octogenarian; ship of eighty guns; wine grown in the year one thousand eight hundred and eighty; —jarig(e), adj. en m. en v. ootogenary, octogenarian: De —jarige Oorlog = the Eighty Years' War; —ste, num. eightleth.

Tachygraphie, v. tachygraphy.

Tact, m. tact, nice discernment and delicate skill (in saying or doing what is suitable).

Tacticus, m. tactician; Tactiek, v. tactlos; Tactisch, adj. tactic(al).

Tactvol, adj. discreet, tactful, judicious.

Taf, v. taffeta, taffety. Zie Gewast.

Tafel, v. table, board; index, list: De groene — = the gaming-table; the green table; the official board; — van vermenigvuldiging = multlplication-table; Wij gingen aan -r = we went to table (in to dinner), we sat down to dinner (supper); Gaat gij morgen mede aan (—)? = shall you take the Sacrament (partake of the Lord's supper, communicate) to-morrow! HIJ houdt open — = ne keeps