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but, in the first place, in what way these shall be useó^for our national aims of Colonization.

But even in case everything remains exactly as before in regard to the acquisition of land, taxation, general security, etc, and we continue our work of settlement after the war under the same conditions as before the war—even in such a case we must try to arrivé at as clear an idea as possible about the methods of colonization to be employed in the future.

An attempt will be made in the following pages to describe briefly the methods of agricultural colonization hitherto employed in Palestine as well as those current at present in other countries. Certain principles will then be advanced that must be observed in colonizing activity. Thereupon follows the calculation of the capital requisite for individual types of farms possible in Palestine. This calculation forms the basis of the inquiry respecting the expenditure necessary for the development of complete Colonies. Finally, an attempt is made to estimate the entire capital requisite for a systematic agricultural colonization in Palestine during the next period of our settlement work, after the conclusion of peace.

The adoption and execution of a methodical plan in regard to the establishment of ever new colonies will result in an accelerated influx of Jewish farmers and farm laborers into Palestine, a constantly growing union of Jewish labor with Jewish soil, and an incessantly increasing development of national agriculture.

May the rate of Palestinian Colonization, which many hitherto regarded as normal, very soon be recognized as much too slow, and may the conclusions thus be drawn in favor of the development of a correspondingly wide Jewish colonizing activity in Palestine, reposing upon firm foundations.