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The partnership at Carolina having succeeded, I was encouraged to engage 1 in others, and to promote3 several of my workmen, who had behaved well, by establishing them in printing-houses in different colonies, on the same terms with that in Carolina *. Most of them did well, being enabled at the end of our term, six years, to purchase the types of me and go on working for themselves, by which means several families were raised. Partnerships often finish in quarrels; but I was happy in this, that mine were all carried on and ended amicably; owing, I think, a good deal to the precantion3 of having very explicitly settled4, in our articles, everything to be done by, or expected from each partner, so that there was nothing to dispnte 5; which precaution I would therefore recommend to all who enter into partnerships; for, whatever esteem partners8 may have for, and confidence in each other at the time of the contract, little jealousies may arise, with idëas of inequality in the care and burden, business, &c., which a r e a 11 end e,d 7 often with breach of friendühip and of the connection; perhaps with lawsuits 8 and other disagreeable oonsequences.

* 5i 9 tne general terms of these partnerships, Franklln supplied a prlntlngpress and a certaln quantity of types at hls o w n charge 10 ; and all other materlals for necessary expenses for rent 18. paper, ink, an.1 the like, was deducted from the g r o s s r e c e lp t s 13, and the remalnder, Includlng the dehts, was dlvlded Into three parts, of which two belonged to the partner and one to Franklln. All accounts were settled 14 quarterly. At the explration of the time agreed upon, which was commonly six years, the partner was at llberty to return the press and types, or to puchase them a t a f aji r _y_a.JJ!i ajt .l o n 15.

1 zich steken ln 9 volgens, krachtens

2 bevorderen 10 op eigen kosten

3 voorzorg 11 verstrekt

4 uitdrukkelijk vastgesteld 12 huur

5 twisten 13 bruto ontvangsten

6 compagnons . 14 vereffend

7 gepaard gaan 15 tegen een redelijke taxatie

8 processen I