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599. trust, entrust, confide, commit, consign.

Trust — to rely upon, to have faith in.

Entrust — to give to another in trust, to put confidently into another's care.

Confide — more formal than trust, and used esp. with reference to secrets.

Commit — very formal — to give in charge or trust to some one to take care of; to send officially in confinement, esp. for a short time or for trial: to commit a fund to the care of trustees, a prisoner to jail, the soul to God, thoughts to writing; to commit to the flames.

Consign — used esp. as a mercantiïe term — to deliver into the care or control of another: to consign goods to an agent for sale; to consign the body to the grave (very formal).

There are none here whom I can trust. — f. m. crawford.

Then she had been dependent on herself. Now she had the joy of trusting to her husband. — g. meredith.

She threw herself upon the Emperor for support in this, and trusted to his wisdom for her guidance. — mandell creighton.

Whom could I entrust with such a commission ? — watts-dunton.

England entrusts the executive authority to an hereditary King; the United States, and the several States generally, entrust it to an elective President or Governor; the Swiss Confederation entrusts it to an elective Council. — e. a. freeman.

Confide to me your objections to religion, and I will try to solve them. — w. h. pater.

They found consolation in confiding to each other their separate grievances. — f. harrison.

At last, however, she took courage to confide to him, her plans for travel. — leslie stephen.

This family paper was committed to my care by Sir Charles Baskerville. — conan doyle.

On the i5th of December we committed ourselves to the Mediterranean. — j. tyndall.

It was to him that we committed the care of the four dead men. —

conan doyle.

The Lady Jane was committed to the Tower. — mandell creighton.