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Modern Holland

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The Central Station at Amsterdam.- Architect Dr. P. J. H. Cuypers.

"Amsterdam School" represents the ultra modern phase and counts a number of eminent followers, among whom is the first lady architect Miss Kropholler. The Government has ako shown its interest this year by nominating a State Committee who will have to advise for Architecture. , , , '

The revival of our Dutch sculpture too reckons from a recent date; exactness m characterization and a craving for naturalness are its distinctive features. This is shown best inthemodern works of Toon Dupuis, Miss Thérèse van Hall, J. Mendes da Costa, Odé, Pier Pander, Teixeira de Mattos Zijl and others. The forte of these sculptors is rather the typical intimate feature that has always characterized Dutch pictorial art than monumentality. In fact, Holland has never been a country for statues and impressive figure-groups. The art of glass-staimng has also revived, and is chiefly pursued by J. L. Schouten at Delft and the "Stichtsche Glass-trade at

^In connection with the present remarks on our arts of painting and architecture, which practically are closely united with all present-day pursuance of art by the Dutch, I must not onut to mention some names of our art critics and art historians, who are well-known also abroad,vb. Dr. Bredius, Dr. Jan Veth, Dr. Hofstede de Groot, Professor Vogelsang, Professor Martin, Professor J. Six, Dr. Jan Kalf, Dr. Pit, Just Havelaar.

Our art institutions.-In giving here a synthesis of the principal things that are produced in this country in the province of art, I must not fail to draw attention to various important public institutions and to the activity, not least on the part of the Government, as regards arts generally.