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Modern Holland

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A pepper garden.

mand of a Flag officer who is also the Chief of the Department of Marine at Batavia. The menof-war available in ordinary circumstances consist of a squadron of 5 armoured and armoureddeck ships and of 6 torpedo-boat-destroyers, 4 flotilla vessels, 4 observation vessels for topographic work and a number of torpedo boats and submarine boats that is constantly being increased.

During the stay of the squadron in the Netherlands Indies its expenses are charged to the Indian budget, although the necessary repairs are paid for by the Netherlands; the flotilla and observation vessels and the torpedo boats form the so-called Indian Military Navy, which remains in India and is entirely paid for by the Indian Government.

• The crews consist for about two thirds of Europeans, the rest are natives; the crews of the observation vessels consist entirely of natives. The entire European crews belong to the Royal Navy of the Netherlands; they are sent out for a service of 3 years with the naval forces in the tropics and relieved '*a tour de röle" either by returning home as the ships change their stations or by mail steamer. The crews and officers consist of the Flag