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CHAPTER I. The Perversion of Communism.

Taken as an ideal Communism is a system of human society considered by its adherants as a model society. All means of production for the community; all products by (in the name of) and for the community; everything produced divided into equal proportions among the members of the community.

And as a result.... no poverty any longer. Equal prosperity' for everybody

In this way this idealistic dream might be briefly characterised.

A dream! For many a one is of opinion that this ideal being realised, not equal prosperity, but equal distress would be the result for all. Meanwhile, the idealist who expects that this communism would benifit mankind, may be mistaken; nevertheless, he may be a respectable man with noble ideas.

But those who pursue ideals are of ten disillusioned by reality!

The means of production are — for the greater part by far — in the possession of private persons. This is a characteristic of the much detested capitalism.

In order to attain to communism, the means of production must be taken away from these persons, i.e. — according to our notion still in