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given of late: Let us changè the imperial war into a civil war; and like obedient servants of the Russian Greatmasters, the friends of the Soviet-Union who had a universal meeting at Brussels only a short time ago took a decision which ought to be considered of great importance. Firstly all the measures taken against the contra-revolutionists were approved of: prison, exile and murder on a large scale. And moreover the members of the above mentioned society have agreed to send to Moscow contributions in relation to their means, to strenthen and to reinforce the Social Soviet Republic. Finally those present have undertaken to keep a watchful eye on the war preparations of the principal countries and to wire to Moscow everyüiing they happen to hear about it, whereas nobody may take up arms for his own country but he has to engage himself in the service of the Revolution against his own Government.

In connection to this, it must be pointed out that in different countries a secret red army is being formed, has been formed already whereas the troops of a national G.F.Oe. in countries like France, England, etc. are ready.

How far they are with a Dutch GP.Oe. I cannot teil for the moment. It need not be a secret, however, that there is a Dutch Red Army. The members of that army have to make the triple vow:

1 promise:

To forget never that the world imperialism prepares war against the Soviet Union.

To forget never that the fate of the S.D.A.P. of the whole world is closely connected with the Soviet Union.

To forget never the experiences and sufferings of the working classes during the imperialist war.

To forget never the fourth of August 1914 and the treason of the reformists.

To fulfil always my revolutionary duty towards the S.D.A.P. and Socialism. To be