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Richard Stanyhurst's Aeneis

Onderstaande tekst is niet 100% betrouwbaar

Examples of the former are:

with fel boucherye slaghtred (I, 239); the sinck and puddil (I, 353); they-Ü» r,ick\\hoisemen dyd cul from the navy (I, 525); yeeld pity, graunt mercy tan ^nSTSdTfl. 534); with clush clash buzing, with droornming clattered nu£m£f(II^Tdrawïach' loytrers (II, 383);.ramd c^rnd garbadge ( II 220); wX^tutting stamering (11,326): with rags iags patcherye clowted (III, 600) posting speedines headlong (II, 697) etc. The limit seems to be reached in: T ,02 with steele bunch chayne knob, clingd, knurd and narrolye «nckecL, ' 3 ' ^Sch seerns to suggest something like the third power of the Gorden knot);

IV 343 a cockney dandiprat hopthumb;

IV 726, rapping her brest with thumping frap knocks;

iv', 747' with belling skrich crye she roareth.

To give an idea of how exceedingly rich the poem is in this redundancy, I will add a complete hst of all cases I found.

4,o, gladnesse «mj. 435. ™»«™„^TrSwoonder am»«d; 4<>7, ><» <>«. center; 454. braI^ 456'S° S .„„ hls lyers ftd he blubbred;

s. tóng ftiamnj 47.. ^^^Z'JoM dyd c»l ft»

leaves no doubt as to tne aegree uj. i. ;. e+rataeems- 66, showting

droornming clattered humming; 64, t^jjg* ^te theTeritye soothlyel

cljrradge; 383. toriach loytrer,; 3». ™j*£>•»"S*^ and ,*ton fcrwari; 794. tUs kap h chaunced; Soa. c.ptiv. prr.oner.