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Richard Stanyhurst's Aeneis

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monstrous; mountenus, III, 669; murmerus, I, 253; murtherus, I, 400; mutterus* , I, 435, muttering, murmurous; roysterus, I, 125, roistring; slaughterus*, I, 109; sulphurus, II, 714; tempestuus, I, 8; thundems, I, 237; treacherus, I, 668; valerus, I» 295, valiant; villenous, II, 81; woonderus, I, 68, wondrous. -y, -ye

brackye*, IV, 210, distasteful; brownye*, IV, 164, brownish; crabbye*, 'III, 444, crablike; doggye, I, 146; dolye, II, 421, doleful, sad; drossye, I, 592, impure; flasshye*, II, 510, frothy; fledgye*, I, 308, downy, feathered; fledgie*, I, 436, ready to fly; franckye, III, 224, frankfed, stalled; frostye, III, 292; glimrye*, IV, 216, glistening; harshye, III, 232, harsh; helly, IV, 252; hudgy(e), II, 621, II, 83, huge; plasshye*, III, 200, falling with a plash; plumye*, IV, 187; quaffye*, I, 223, of the nature of quaffing; snarrye*, III, 446, snarUng; spumye*, III, 546; swartye, III, 68; tarrye, II, 808 (adj.); whirrye*, III, 61 r, to whirl.

From the above examples it will be seen, that Stanyhurst added a good many new derivations to the language. He seems to have been especially fond of the prefixes be-, fore- and up- and of the suffixes -ish, -us, -y{e), -ery.

Compóunds Substantives made up of two substantives.

adgematè, II, 574, person of the same age; bancksydes, IV, 433, banks; banefyers, IV, 696, the stake; bedgle, IV, 20, sexual intercourse; bedmatch, IV, 172; bedmat's, IV, 229; beadmate, III, 344; blastpuf, I, 581, wind; blastbob, IV, 468, short jerk caused by the blast; brest cel, IV, 70, breast; bridehymne, IV, 130; bulhyd, I, 374, a buli's hide; burdseat, III, 408, a seat at the board; bughags, IV, 656; byrthsoyl, , IV, 683; chayneknob, I, 302, knobs or knots in a chain; corneshocks, II, 315; crabknob, I, 168, used adj. rough like a crabtree, knobbly; cuprit's, IV, 219, cup-rites; daytoyl,-TV, 566; east seat, III, 598; fire bayt, IV, 2, fiery bait; frith cops, I, 456, grove; frosthoare, IV, 261, hoarfrost; frapknocks, IV, 726, knocks; fyrebroils,

III, 154, conflagration; garbroyls, I, 5, brawls, struggles; gate-trip, I, 697, gait; gellye blud, IV, 742, jeüy-blood, congealed blood; gowne-sept, I, 290, the clan that wears a gown; gouldfrets, I, 654, gold wire; Greceland, I, 251; groaue erop, I, 445,

' grove; gulligut, III, 228, used adj., greedy.ravenous; graueporer, IV, 644, one who is looking into his grave; hayle-knob, IV, 167, hailstone; handclaspe, IV, 319; heapeflud, I, 125, a high flood; heerdflock, I, 191, a flock; helcaue, I, 208, the cave of heil; hearelocks, I, 327, locks of hair; -herbflowrs, I, 422; heerdswarme, I, 438, a swarm; headtop, II, 699; hearebush, II, 701, the hair; helswarme, III, 690; hearddeare,

IV, 159, a herd of deer; hedgebrat, IV, 393; hertsigh, IV, 431, a sigh from the heart; hildens, I, 148, dens in the hill; hiuecot, I, 439, shed with hives; hilrocks, IV, 264; housframe, II, 322; hoarelocks, II, 565, hoary locks; horse-nest, Pref 89, a mare's nest; hous-seat, II, 682; houseplace, II, 711; housroofs, IV, 192; hornebeams, III, 650, beams of light issuing likehorns from the head of a deity; hoblobs, IV, 150, clumsy fellows; holme logs, IV, 538, logs of wood from the holly; hu crye, IV, 635, hue and cry; hunt spears, IV, 134; launce staffe, I, 483; lawdaughter, II, 516; lawfather, II, 355; leage seat, III, 16, the seat allied (to Troy); lightflams, II, 770; lightbolts, III, 202, thunderbolts; looue fits, I, 667; looue furye, IV, 94; looue mate, IV, 390; looue traps, IV, 517; lyplicks, I, 694; lypthreats, II, 108; maydpriest, IV, 512; mylckdame, IV, 683, nurse; nightfog, IV, 612; oakroas, III, 659, rows of oaks; IV, 187, packpaunch, fat paunch; pillotoy, IV, 116, amorous dalliance; plowswayn, I, 4. ploughman; pufroare, II, 427, puff -f- roar; racebrood, III, 719, race + brood;