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Richard Stanyhurst's Aeneis

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thee quantitie of fyllables too depend fo much vpon thee gaze of

135 thee eye, as thee cenfure of thee eare. F. breuia. G. breuia: foomtyme long by pofitio where D may bee enterferted, as paf (age is fhort, but yf you make yt long, paffadge with, D. would bee written, albeyt, as I fayd right now, thee eare not ortographie muft decyde thee quantitye, as neere as is poffible. I. cömon. K. cornmö. L. breuia,

140 preter Hebrea, vt Michaël, Gabriel. N. breuia, yeet woordes eending in dipthögwife would bee cömon, as playne, fayne, fwayne. O. cömon, pratter 6 longü. P. breu. R. Breu. except woordes eending lyke dipthonges that may bee cömon, as youre, oure, houre, (oure, fuccour, &c. As & Es comon. Is breu. Os cömon. Vs breu. V. common. As for M.

z45 yt is either long by pofition, or els clipt, yf thee next woord begyn with a vocal: as fame, name: for albeyt. E. bee thee laft letter, that muft not falue. M. from accurtation, beecaufe in thee eare M. is thee laft letter, and E dooth noght els but lenghë and mollifye thee pronountiatiö. Asfor I. Y. W. in as much as they are moungrels,

150 foomtyme confonates, foomtyme vocals, where they further I dooe not reiect theym, where they hinder, I doe not greatlye weigh theym. As thee middle of folowing I make fhort, notwythftanding thee VV: and lykwife thee firft of power. But where a cöfonat immediatly followeth thee VV, I make yt alwayes lög as fowling. This much I thoght

*55 good too acquaynt thee gentle reader wythal, rather too difcoouer, wyth what priuat preceptes I haue embayed my verfes, theu too publifh a directorye too thee learned who in theyre trauayls may franckly vfe theyre owne difcretiö, wythowt my direction.