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Richard Stanyhurst's Aeneis

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2<o Antenor was habil, from Grekifh coompanye flmcking

Too paffe through Greceland faulfly to Lyburnical empyre. Allo to thee fontayn welffring of woorthye Timauus. Where through nyne channels with mountayns murmerushurnng Rough the lea floas forward, thee land with fnarnoife enhaunting 2« Heere notwith/tanding this foimder buylded a cittye That Padua is cleaped, too linnadge Troian alotted And arms of Troytowne bearing: there he faufie doth harboure. Wee Zat ar of kinred too the, and haft fhrindm Olympus, Oure fhips are whelmed through ons implacabil anger. 260 (A püiful reckning) we ar touzd, and from [fye]eaz™. Is this your daughters ritche dowry? her jtMihed empire?

Thee prince of mankind, father of Gods mirrelye fimpnng Lvk when he thee tempeft with cheereful phifnomye colmeth, Buk his prütye parat prating, and mildlye thus aunfwerd. 265 Feare ye not (6 darling) on thy fyde deftenye runneth. Thee Roman townewais thow /halt fee loftelye rayfed, And thy fun Mneas his glittring glorye to luster This much I determyn, my mind no partye fhal otter, Thy child Mneas (for /** fuch care the doth angmfh, 270 Thee fates clofe coouerd I wyl to the piaynelye fet open) Thy im, I lay, valiant (hd foster in Italy garboyls Strong ónd lturddye pepil with wars and mctorye tramphng. Theare fhal he buyld cittyes, and theare laws ciuil enactmg, VntyiZee fummlrs fhal coomfos his hudge Lauyn empyre: 275 And the Rutils conquourd, three wynters /tormye be glyding. But thy fun Afconius, which is eeke furnamed luim (Bus he was termed, whilst stood the great Ihan emj>yre) Hee Ihai bee the regent, vntil yeers thirtye be flitted, FomlelLn kingdoom the state and thee chiefty remoouing: 280 And with thick bulwarck fhal he fence thee rampired

Heere thre hundred wynters fhal ratgne knight Hector his offprmg, By Mars fyrye fatherd twyns tyl the Queene Ilia gender, Romulus in forreft of wulues dugge nurnfhed eager IZ take thel regiment, and towne wals I^J™*£* 28S Of Rome, thee Romans of his owne name Romulus, hightmg. This rule thus fixed no tyme fhal limit, or hazard: Endles I do graunt yt: nay further luno fel harted Tteefeas, thee regions, thee fkies fo M^rgf' Shal cut of al quarrels, and with mee newlye hal enter 200 In leage. with Romans, and gowne/ept charelye Under 9 Theefe thus ar eftahlilht. Theare fhal cum a feafon heraft r Wh n thee fayd famely fhal crufh Greeks fegnorye throughly.