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Richard Stanyhurst's Aeneis

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68o Thearefor her endewours with counter craftinis hynder. j Inflame thee Princeffe with looues affection earnest That mye fun Mneas with mee fhee chieflye may dandle. This drift too coompaffe let this my loare be wel heeded. At the fathers fending thee boy to the cittye repayreth. 685 (Delicat Afcanius, whofe forward fucces I tender)

With many rich prefents from Troyflams narrolye fcaped. This child fast fleeping wyl I lodge in loftye Cythêra, Els on hil Idalium in feat facred he fhal be repofed. Least that he this ftratagem fhould find, or woorck wylyefounder. 600 Thow fhalt his vifadge for a nights fpace fitlye reemble.

Thee gay boy kindlye playing, thee knowne lads phifnomye taking: That when Queene Dido fhal col the, and fmacklye bebaffe thee, When quaffing wynebols, when bancquets deyntye be ferued, When fhe fhal embrace thee, when lyplicks fweetlye fhe fastneth; 60* That then thow be fuer, too plant thy poyfoned hoatlooue. Too moothers counfayl thee fyrye Cupido doth hareken Of puts he his feathers, fauoring with gatetrip Mus. But Venus enfufeth fweet fleepe to the partye refembled, Too woods Idalian thee child nice cocknyed heamng 700 In feat of her boofom: neere fenting delicat herbfloys Of pretious Maioram, with fhade most temperat houfed

But now thee changling with gyfts dooth trudge to the cyttye On to the court pofting: his gyde was truftful Achates. When that he too chaumber, moft ftately decked, aproched 705 Dido fat on beadsteed with curtens gorgeus hanged. Then father Mneas with Troian clufter ajembled: On palet of fcarlet they were for cofiherye fetled. Thee wayting feruatmts riche bafons maffye doe carrye Alfoe wyping towels: maunchets fum in pantrye doe bafket 710 Fiftye bufy dam/els with charge of buttrye be tangled With flame eke relligioufe too fire thee confecrat aultars Maydens, manferuaunts, of eche is there numbred an hundred, That with princelye viand the tabils al francklye doe furnifh. Thee Tyrian lordings too Court moft frefhlye reforted 715 On neeld wroght carpets theefe guestes were al vfihered aptly. Mneas prefents they marek, they doe gaze at Iulus. His face goodlye rofet, with fpeaking forgerye feigned They doe look at mantel, with roabs of faffrod Achanthus: To futur harme lotted: but chiefllye the princes vnhappie 720 Is not with gazing contented fullye, but eauer

Shee doth eye thee prefents: thee mopfy her phantafye lurcheth. On father Mneas his neck thee dandiprat hangeth. And to his great lyking his fyre fuppofed he gayneth.