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Richard Stanyhurst's Aeneis

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In father his prefence with fpightful vittenye cancred,

Thee joon that murthreft, my fight with, boucherye ftayning. ^ Not fo the right valeant (whoje joon thwart feigned) Achilles

Was to his foa Priamus, but laws of mdrtial armes 555 Tendring, dyd render too tumb thee carcas of Hector.

And me to my kingdoom both gently and truely returned. »

The old man thus bawling, in ftreingth cleene weakned, here hurled

His dart at Pyrrhus from the armoure feeblye rébounding,

In bos of his target with flagging weaknes yt hangeth. 560 Whye then, quod Pyrrhus, thow fhalt bee fpeedelye posted 1

Too coaft infernal, thear let my exployts be reported.

My father aduertife, that I was ful truelye begotten,

Bafelye Neoptolemus was borne, that carrye for errdnd. This fayd, poore Priamus with force from the altar is haled, 565 And then fyr Pyrrhus with lept hand grapled his hoarelocks,

In the blud hym ducking of his owne joon, fellye Polytes.

His blad he with thrufting in his old dwynd carcas vphilied.

This was Prince Priamus last ende and defteny final,

Who faw thee Troians vanquifht, thee cittye repreffed: 570 Empror of hudge Afia, earst ruling with dignitye regal,

In fhoare nowe nameteffe dooth ly lyke a trunclum al headleffe. This when I perceaued, with fenfibil horror atached,

My father Anchifes heere with do I cal to remembraunce,

Whilft I beheld Priamus thus gasping, my fyre his adgemate, 575 I beare eke in memory my wiefe left foalye Creüfa.

And my houfe difpoyled, then I thinck on my foon Iülus.

In this wije mujing myn eye glaunjt to my coompanye fenjiue,

I doe fpye no Troian, for foom tyerde, tumbled al headlong

Too ground, and diuerfe were burnt with purpofed offer. 580 Thus then I left naked, by veftaes temple abyding

Fatje Helen, in lurcking manner clofe jetled, I marcked.

Thee flaming brightnejfe from fight dooth darcknes abandon.

This minion doubting thee Troians blooddye reuengment,

And alfo fearing thee Greekifh fyrie requital, 585 Thee bane of vs Troians, of Greeks thee mak bate Erinnys,

Formd her in a corner fneaking detefted of altars.

With choler inflaming I rest al restles in anger,

With the death of the lady to requit my countrye repreffed. To Mycen, or Spartans and fhal fhe be faulfly returned? 590 And after conquest as Queene with glorye to floorifh?

Her father, her palaces fhal fhee fe, her children, her hufband?

With the knot of Troian matrons to her jeruice alotted?

Slayn lyes king Priamus: thee Troian cittye bejkorched.