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Richard Stanyhurst's Aeneis

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Thee fhoars of Dardan for her oft with bloodfhed abóunded.

595 No fuer, I may not fuch an horribil iniurye cancel.

For to kil a woonman thogh no greate glorye be gleamed, Thogh valor and al honoure from fuche weake victorye flitteth, Yeet to flea this fyrebrand, of al hurty burlye the foundreffe, Must bee commended. My mynd eke further is eafed

600 Yf that of oure flaughters I fhal bee partlye reuenged.

And as I thus muttred, with roysting phrenfye betraynted My moother, the Godeffe (who was accuftomed algats Eare this tyme prefent to be dufk) moft brimlye dyd offer Her felf to vifadge, thee night with brightnes auoyding.

605 Eeune lyk as her deitee to the Saincts dooth lufter in heunbliffe. Shee claspt my righthand, her fweet roje parlye thus adding.

Soon to what od purpofe thus meane ye to ruffle in anger? What maks you furious? wyl you care charye relinquifh Of mee youre moother? Too poft with fpeedines hoamward

610 Too father Anchifes were beft: yf feallye Creüfa

Or the lad Afcanius from murther faulflye be breathing. Theym Greeks affalting had kild, or türned in afhes Had not my deitee theyre ftreingth ouer highlye rejisted. Not thee Greekifh Helen (whofe fight thy paffion angrye

615 Enkendleth) not fautye Paris this cittye repreffeth. This ruin ordeyned thee Gods and deftenye froward. Looke (for I thee moyfture whear with, now mortal, is hyndred Thy fight, doo bannifh, thee darckneffe clowdye remoouing. See, that you doe folow youre moothers deftinat order,

620 What fhe the commaundeth to obferue, precifelye remember) Heere loa, whear heaps hudgy thow feest difioyncted afunder And ftoans difmembred from ftoans, fmooke foggye bedufted, Thee wals God Neptune, with mace threeforcked, vphurleth, And deen theire ioyncturs from deepe foundation heaueth. 625 And the Godeffe luno ful fraight with pooyfoned enuye

Thee gates ftrong wording, furth from the nauye the Greek foas Dooth whoup, ftreight belted with fteele. ' In tops of turrets fee wheare Tritonia Pallas Is jet, thee Troians killing with Gorgon his eyefight. 630 Thee father of deitee thee Greeks dooth mighteVye^ courradge: Through his procurement thee Gods thee cittye difhable. Flee, fle, my fwed darling, ld toyls bee finnifhed hastly. Thow fhalt bee fhielded with my protedion alway. I wil not fayle thee to tyme thow faulflye be jetled. 635 This fayd; with darckfoom night fhade quite clowdye fhe vannifht Griflye faces frouncing, eke agaynft Troy leaged in hatred