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Richard Stanyhurst's Aeneis

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I was determind fully, too ventur al hazards, Al Troy too trauerfe, too (uffer danger al hapning. Firft dyd I coom backward to the wals, from whence I remooued, Too the gat I posted by night, and carefulye dogging 770 Thee way with lightflams, eeche crooked corner Iranfackt.

Both with nightye filence was I quayld and greatlye with horror. Thence dyd I trudge hoamward, too learne yf fhe haplye returned. But theare weare the enymyes with thronging clufter afembled. Thee fyre heer on fretting with blaze too rafter is heaued. 775 Thee flams furmounting tenements doo whize to the fkyward. I ran too Priamus razd court, at castel I gazed, In cels and temple, that of old too luno was apted. . As keeper Phcenix was made, with ruthles Vliffes Of booty and pillage. Theere Troian treafur is hurded, 780'That flames efcaped, thear ftood the rich halloed altars. ' Theare maffiue gould cups bee layd, theare wardrob abundant Of roabs moft pretioufe, thear ar eke yoong children m order With cold hert moothers, for Greekifh victorye quakmg, Setled on al fydes. 785 I ftoutty emboldned with night fhade rayfed an howtmg, With mournful belling I namde expreflye, Creüfa. In vayne with fobbing was oft that od eccho repeated. In this guife frantyck as I ran throgh cittye with howltng I noted on fuddeyn the goast of verye Creüfa, 700 And her woonted image, to me knowne, mad her elfifh aparance

Heere with I was daunted ,my hear flard, and fpeechles I ftutted. Then to me thus fpeaking, my carck in fearch.fhe remooued.

This labor, 6 hufband, too no great purpofe auayUth, For this hap is chaunced bye the Gods prefixed apoinctment. 795 Hence yt is vnlawful with you too carrye Creüfa.

That trauayl is fhortned by the king of facred Olympus Thow must with furges bee bangd and pilgnmage yrckfoom. In land Hefperian thow fhalt bee faulflye receaued, Wheare glydes throgh cornefilds, with ftreaming fecrecye, 2yöm. 800 Theare doe lye great kingdooms, and Queene most Pnncelye befpoken For the, mye kind hufband for mee grief therefor abandon. Now me the Myrmidones for captiue prifoner hold not, Nor fterne fnuff Dolopans, and Greekifh matron I ferue not, Of Venus in wedlock thee daughter. 805 Of Gods thee moother me in this my countrye reteyneth. Fare ye wel, 6 hufband, oure yoong babye charely tender.

This fayd, fhee vannifht, and thogh that I fadlye requyred, Too confer further, yeet fhee too tarrye renounced.