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Richard Stanyhurst's Aeneis

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And three nigths parted from lightning ftarrye we wandred. Thee fourth day foloing thee fhoare, neere jetled, apeered And hits vppeaking; and jmoak fwift fteamd to the jkyward.

210 Oure fayls are ftrucken, we roa furth with fpeedines hastye,

And the fea by our marmers with the oars cleene canted is harrowd On fhoars of strophades from ftorme efcaped I landed, For thofe plats Strophades in languadge Greekifh ar highted, With the fea coucht Iflands. Where foule bird foggye Celoeno

215 And Harpy is nestled: .fence franckling Phines his houfroume From theym was funderd, and fragments plentye remooued. No plage more perilous, no monster griflye more ouglye, No ftigian vengaunce lyke too theefe carmoran haggards. Theefe fouls lyke maydens are pynde with phifnomye palifh;

220 With ramd cramd garbadge, theire gorges draftye be gulled, With taUants prowling, theire face wan withred in hunger, With famin vpfoaken.

When tward theefe Iflands oure fhips wee jetled in hauen, Neere, we viewd, grafing heards of bigge franckye fat oxen,

225 And goals eke dropping careleffe ,not garded of heerdman. Wee rujht with weapons, parte of thee bootye we lotted First to loue. On banck fyds our with food we repofed. But loa with a juddeyn flu/3hing thee gulligut harpeys From mountayns flitter, with gagling whirlerye flapping

230 Theyr wings: furth the viand fro tabils al greedelye fnatching, With fulfoom fauour, with ftincking poyfoned ordure Thee ground they fmeared, theartoo fkriches harfhye reioyningThen we jet al the tabils, and fyrde oure mystical altars Vnder a rock arched, with trees thick coouered ouer.

235 At the jecund fitting from parcels fundrye repayred This cooui rauenoufe, and fwift with a defperat onfet, They gripte in tallants the meat and furth fpourged a ftincking Foule carrayne fauour e: then I wild thee coompanye prefent, Too take theire weapons, and fight with mifcheuus howlets.

240 My wyl at a beckning is doon, they doe run to ther armoure In grafje theyre flachets, and tergats warélye pitching. But when at a thurd flight theefe fowls to the coompanye neered, With fhril braffe trumpet Mifenus fowned alarum. Oure men marcht forward, and fierce gaue a martial vncoth

245 Charge, theefe jtrange vulturs with fkirmifh bluddye to may ster. But strokes theire feathers pearfd not, nor carcajes harmed: And toe fkye they foared, thee victals clammye behynd theym, They do leaue haulf mangled with fent vnfauerye bepoudred. On the typ of rockifh turret ftood gaftlye Celoeno