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Richard Stanyhurst's Aeneis

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(Forwarns much mijchiefe too coom with danger us htmger)

380 In theeje jtormye perils too what jaulf porte jhal I take mee ?

King Helenus jlaughtring, with woont accujtomed heyfers, Peace craues of the Godhead, from front thee label vnhanging, Mee, by the hand, trembling hee leads to thye myfterye (Phcebus) Thee prieft this prophecy from Gods direction opned.,

385 Thow foon of holye Venus (for th'art by fetled apoinctment Of Gods mightye power to exployts most doughtye referued, Thus thy fate ejtablifht dooth reft, fo thye fortun is ordred) Of poincts fundrye wyl I to the fhape but a curtal abridgment, Too the eende in thye trauayl thow mayjt the more heedlye be lef fond, •

390 And paffe to Italian region, thus fhorÜye reherfing

Peece me ale prittye parings: for, too tel a fummarye total. Thee fat's king Helenus dooe bar, with luno the Saturne. Wheare thow fuppofest therefor, that here Italye faft by Dooth jtand, and myndeft too fayl with fpeede to that hauen:

395 With draw thy iudgment from that grof je cofmical erroure. Italy is hence parted by long crofje dangerus inpaths. In flud Trinacrian thy great oars muft deeplye be bathed, And the fea rough wurcking muft eeke with nauye be trauerst, And Circes Ifland fe ye muft with Limbo lake hellifh:

400 Ere ye fhal in faulf land of a nobil cittye be founder.

Glaunce I wyl at certeyn tokens, be ye watch ful in harckning. When ye fhal in fecret with care neere frefh water happen, Too spye bye thee banck fyeds a ftrange fow mightelye fized, Coompajed al roundly with fucklings thirtye to number,

405 White, with lillye colours fayre dect, fhee fhal be repofed On ground, dug dieting her mylckwhit farroed hoglings. Heere fhal ceafe thye labours: heere fhal thy cittye be buylded. Feare not thee manging fortold of burdfeat in hunger, Thee fats thee paf f age jhal fmooth, yea gould en Apollo,

410 If ye wyl hym fummon, fhal bee too the furth readye coomming. But this neere fetled country (that of Italy is holden Parcel) fee ye fhun yt: for theare Greeks. yreful ar harbourd. Heere the man of Locrus mounted fteepe ftatelye the townwals, And fields of Salent with trouping clujtered armye

415 Lyctius Idomeneus dooth keepe: jo duke Melibceus

Holds thee prittye Petil round coompast ftrong bye Phïloctect. Alfo when in faulfty from feas thy nauye fhal harboure, When rites relligious thow vowest on new fhaped altars, With purple vesture bee deckt, with purpil eke hooded,

420 Leajt that in aduauncing thee Gods with fyrye cole heating, Soom difmal vifadge foorth peake thee myfterye marring.