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Richard Stanyhurst's Aeneis

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And now,. gueft, wheather doe ye fkud from deaths fit of hostace? That terme muft I borowe, fyth I dare not cal the myne hufband. 340 Why do I breath longer? fhal I liue til cittye mye broother Pigmalion ranfack? or too tyme I be prifoner holden By thee Getul Idrb ? yf yeet foom progenye from me Had crawld, by the fatherd, yf a cockney dandiprat hopthumb, Prittye lad Mneas, in my court, wantoned, ere thow 345 Took'st this filthye fleing, that thee with phifnomye lyckned, I ne then had reckned my felf for defolat owtcaste.

Shee fayd: he perfifting too doo what Iuppiter heafted, Sturd not an eye, graueling in his hert his forroful anguifh. At length thus briefly dyd he parle: I may not, I wil not 350 Deny thy beneficts ful as amply, as can be recounted, Vnto me deliu'red: fo long fhal I Dido remember, Whilft I my felf niynd fhal: whilst lyms with fpirit ar orderd. Brieflye for a weighty matter few woords I wil vtter. Neauer I foremynded (let not mee falflye be threpped) 355 For toe flip in fecret by flight: ne yet eauer I thraUed My felf too wedlock: I toe no fuch chapmenhed harckned. If toe mye mynd priuat my fatal fortun agreed, If fo that al forrows iump with my phanfye were eended, Then fhould bee chiefly bye me Troian cittye redreffed, 360 And kinreds rellicques woorfhipt: then fhould be renewed Thee courte of Priamus: yea thogh that victorye razed Theefe monuments, yet agayne by mee they fhould be repayred. But now to Italian kingdooms vs fendeth Apollo, And vs to Italian regions fet deftenye warneth. 365 Theare refts oure lyking: there eke oure wifht countrye remayneth. If ye be delighted, too fee new Carthage vp hoouering, And a MooreJn Morifh citty youre phanfye ye fettle: Why fo may not Troians theire courfe to good Italye coompaffe? What reajon embars theym, foom forreyn countrye to ferret? 370 Of father Anchifes thee goaft and griflye refemblaunce,

When the day dooth vannifh, when lights eke ftarrye be twinckltng, In fleepe mee monifheth, with vifadge buggifh he feareth.

And my fun Afcanius mee pricks. by me rightlye belooued: Whom from the Italian regions toe toe long I doe linger. 375 Latélye toe mee posted from loue thee truck fprit, or herraid Of Gods (thee deityes this footh too wytnes I fummon) Hee dyd, in expreffed commaund, to me meffage his erraund. I faw most liuely, when that neere towne wal he lighted; In this eare hee towted thee ffeeche. Ceafe therefor, I pray you, 380 Mee to teare, and alfo youre felf, with drirye reherfals.