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Richard Stanyhurst's Aeneis

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667 tame, subdue.

669 oldgrey, greybeard. The only instance in the N.E.D.

670 verelye, verily.

672 sclender, slender, shght.

673 soole, sole.

674 fond; cf. II, 46. patcherye, roguery, knavery.

flicker, flutter; so: shall such foolish knavery flutter (rise) from the father's sermons.

677 roote, uproot, destroy.

678 catch that catch may be, lay hold of in any way, each as he can; Cf. 1393. Gower, Conf. III, 240: "Was none in sight, but cacche who that cacche might".

680 A very queer construction. Per haps the author means: (dan Pyrrhus) who murdered the son fast (close) by the sire, and the sire (too) at the altars; cf. II, 552.

681 wasd, was it.

682 riffle, rifle, pillage. 688 tergat; cf. I, 496.

690 pheere; here, wife: cf. I, 84. reteyned, detained.

691 owtraging, outrageous. She tendered the son, Iulus, to the outrageous father.

700 frizeling, frizzling, curling.

701 hearebush, erop of hair. The only instance in the N.E.D.; cf. Du: haarbos.

702 to quench the sacred flame.

704 hertly, heartily.

705 if any prayer move thee.

706 godlines, piety.

707 assüstaunce should be assistaunce. See Patés' corrections. stablish, confirm.

710 cleerenes, clearness, light.

714 fulsoom, full, abundant." sent, scent.

orpyn, orpiment, a bright mineral substance, the trisulphide of arsenic, also ca lied yellow arsenic, found native in soft masses resembling gold in colour.

715 got up lustily.

616 crinital, hairy, crinite (used of a cornet). The only instance in the N.E.D.

717 to be packing; cf. I, 406.

718 saulfe, save.

nephew, grandson; perhaps influence of Lat. nepotem.

719 we may leave the management of Troy to you.

720 track, follow the track. 726 either good luck or bad.

728 slack not, be not slow.

729 tumb; the Lat. has: tumulus, mound. aneereth, is near to.

730 ciper, cypress.

731 progeniotours should be progenitours. See Patés' corrections.

732 hewt, grove, copse; here: the tree.

733 country deitees, household gods. warelye, warily, carefully.

734 embrewd, imbrued.

741 pit pat; the sound itself. See Introd.