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Richard Stanyhurst's Aeneis

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4 forren, fo reign.

5 rigd, rigged.

flat vnder, exactly under; Du' vlak onder; cf. Tindale, 1531, Exp. John, (1537) 28: "When the sonne is flat sowth".

7 saulf; cf. I, 251.

8 the early part of the summer. 11 platfourms; cf. 1,430.

13 bended, bent.

14 cleaped, cf. 1,256.

15 sum, some,

16 the seat allied to Troy.

17 whilst fortune was favourable:

crosse Mast, unfavourable wind, The earhest instance recorded of cross with reference to the wind, is dated, 1617, Bayne, On Eph. (1658): "Eveiy wind, even the crossest shall help me. The only instance recorded of erossblast is dated 1763, Johnson, Letter to G. Strahan, 14 Jury: "My friendship is hght enough to be blown away by the first crossblast".

19 of my name, after my name.

20 triumphaunts; used subst.; probably St. means the household gods they had taken with them.

21 the begun wurck. The position of the past participle before the substantive is quite unusual. For more examples see Introd.

23 tumb; cf. II, 555, 729.

24 crumpled, entangled. myrdel, myrtle.

edging, growing along the edges. The N.E.D. says: "forming an edge, a border, only used of hills, etc."

26 slips, twigs.

27 hazard; cf. I, 211.

28 supplanted, torn out.

roote seat, roots. Not recorded in the N.E.D.

29 an abundance of black blood filtered (from the tree) with a trilling drop, drop.

30 quiuerish, quivering.

31 ransackt, searched (the place to see where the blood came from).

32 vp pluckt, plucked out.

34 spirt; of liquids: to spring or burst out in small quantity, but with some force. 36 crabbed, unpleasant.

39 my misprint for my.

40 shall I go on or shall secrecy seal my mouth.

41 skritche; cf. 11,312.

42 rebounding, resounding; cf. III, 446. 45 rack, torment.

47 Canibal country. Virgil has: crudeles tem/as, cruel country.

48 fel, cruel.

50 hear starde; cf. II, 791.

rested, remained. j,T toaden; cf. I, 216.

52 preeuelye, privüy.

rector, ruler or governor of a country; cf. 1387 Trevisa, Higden, (Rolls) III, 55: "From Eneas to this Romulus Italy was under fiftene rectoures".

53 charelye; cf. I, 290.

noozeld, nuzzled, chrished, fostered.