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Richard Stanyhurst's Aeneis

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369 bizllng; freq. of to hiss. The only instance recorded in the N.E.D. 371 prophet, viz. Helenus.

373 spooksmate, spokesman and friend. In Arber's edition: spooksmake, which is a misprint. The N.E.D. records the two forms, viz.: spooksmake (1582), spooksmate (1583). Both editions however have: spooksmate.

truchman, interpreter: frequent in Stuart English. Cf. Fr. truckeman; cf. also: dragoman, drogman. hallod, hallowed.

374 ominat, forebode, augur.

375 by the flight and chirping of birds.

377 sound; probably: true. The Lat. has: prospera religio, propitious religion.

378 shapte, shaped.

382 label, fillet, headband.

388 curtal, curtailed, short.

389 heedlye; cf. II, 80. 391 parings, little bits.

395 cos mi cal, relating to the terrestrial world.

396 inpaths, paths. The only instance recorded in the N.E.D., which says: "nonceword: a way that is no way, or impassable way". St. may have misunderstood the Lat. invia and taken it as intricate or internat way.

parted, separated. 399 Limbo; see II, 408. 403 banck syeds; cf. III, 227.

405 dect, decked.

406 dug dieting, feeding (from her dugs). farroed, farrowed.

408 manging, eating.

burdseat, board-seat. Cf. III, 262. 411/2 which is considered as a part of Italy. 413 mounted, built. 415 Melibasus should be Melibaeus.

419 Note: purple and purpil in the same line.

420 fyrye cole, fiery coal. least; cf. 1,418.

425 vnweildye, unwieldy, huge.

426 be packing; cf. I, 405.

428 plash breache, the breaking of the waves against the shore; the only instance recorded in the N.E.D.

429 eaten, worn away.

431 drenching, drowning, overflowing.

432 strelcts, straits.

434 galplng, yawning, gaping.

435 gut: fig- a narrow channel.

flash water, flashes, spurts of water.

436 spuing, spewing, vomiting.

438 flirt, throw with a sudden jerk.

rockbane, the deadly rocks. Not recorded in the N.E.D. 440 belye, belly.

441/2 then a tayle Hke a dolphin is added iumbled vp of sauadge fel woulfs, with grisly lol hanging.

St. probably means to say: a dolphin's tail is added mixed with the tails of savage wolves, drooping in a grisly way. The Lat. has: "delphinum caudas utero com-