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Richard Stanyhurst's Aeneis

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667 skape, cf. III, 160.

668 blud murther, bloody murder. 670 hole; cf. I, 26.

Iowbylyke, like a looby, i.e. an awkward clumsy fellow. cf. lil, 6«7-

672 iffSS^S^^^ cï Palsgtve: "foggy, to(too)ful of waste flesshe. See Skeat and Mayhew.

swad, clown, bumpkin.

673 hls fists and stalcking are propt, his hands and steps are supported

675 Aftercoomfortthere should be a fnll stop. On neck his whistle is hanged s a rendering of the Lat. "fistula pendet de collo" which apparently is not a genuine line, as it has been omitted by Mehler.

677 rinst, rinsed.

678 waltred, weltered, rolled.

groyleth, moves forward. Cf. Fr. grouiUer. See also IV, 179.

679 doo, ought to be does.

681 suitur, suppliant.

682 due, proper.

683 lustilad, lusty-laid, vigorous ly laid? striefe, earnest endeavour.

686 IhMflud^liyTreuockt hym, the high floods revoked him, kept him back.

687 Iowbye; cf. III, 670. belling; cf. II, 786-

689 tyerde fordge, burning forge.

690 ÏÏ^rtA^i.; * Hevwood. Golden Age A, ii (Jupiter): rounceval, a woman of large build and boisterous manners.

ftnT turdens lurdans lazv. stupid fellows.

693 thee bréetherne swish swash of Aetna; swish swash, a violent, swaggering person; cf. swashbuckler, i.e. a swaggering ruffian. . . w 7 t :s ^.oWd

694 moaste should be moate. See Patés' corrections, in which folck moate is expkuned as: a coompanye or an assembly; so: a folkmoot.

695 oakroas, rows of oaks. Not recorded in the N.E.D.

698 swap, cut.

at auenture, at hazard.

iump twixt, exactly bet ween; cf. II, 213. ... c~„iio ,„rf

699 but yet king Helenus had admonished us to sail exactly between Scylla and Charybdis, when there would be no great danger.

701 ons mynded, once minded?

702 So'blhoki; Boreas, blowing from the mouth of Pelorus in the north. charges, our ships.

705 f ore wandred, on which he had wandered before.

707 face too, opposite.

708 old past ancestors called it Ortygia. ■nt tt r> 710 ferreted, burrowed a passage. The only instance recorded in the N_E.D.

714 rockrayes, lines of rocks. The only instance recorded m the N.fc.D.

715 not allowed by Destiny to be moved.

718 vaunceth; cf. III, 47°- tiL «pt»

719 racebrood; race 4- brood; the only instance in the N.fc.D. 721 deepe gulfs syncking, deep sinking gulfs.